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Your essay should attempt to address the following questions about your topic:

  • Describe/explain your issue/topic, and take a strong position on the issue.
  • What is at stake with your issue? Why is it important? How does it impact people’s lives?
  • What is controversial about this issue?
  • What are the important side issues to address? What are the counterarguments?
  • What are the obstacles to addressing this issue? How might these obstacles be surmounted?

Vaccine debates                                                                      

Debunking conspiracy theories

Education/school curriculum policies                                                

Science and paranormal beliefs                       

Popular culture: social impact of film, TV, games, etc.                       

Emerging technologies (benefits of, pro/con)

Government/laws/political policies                                       

The environment, climate change


Controversies in media or social media           

“Fake news”                                                                           

Human rights issues/animal rights issues        

Nutrition and fitness                                                             

Other social justice issue(s) and/or how they are discussed/portrayed in the media

The healthcare system          

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1 Nutrition and Fitness Name of Students: Nisha Gurung Course: EWRT 02 Professor’s Name: Maria Frangos Date 07/23/21 Nutrition and fitness Question one 2 Nutrition and fitness are some of the most critical topics of discussion among every member of society today and even in health care organizations. This question addresses nutrition and fitness more to ensure that everybody in society enjoys good nutrition and recognizes the importance of having or instead engaging themselves in the daily finesses. Nutrition is the biochemical and Physiological process whereby an organism that utilize food for the purpose of supporting their its life. It includes the main subjects like assimilation, catabolism, biosynthesis and excretion. Fitness is the state of being mentally and physically fit with good health. In other words, it is the capability of conducting the daily activities with more alertness and vigor with no undue fatigue having enough energy for enjoying life. Both nutrition and fitness involve several aspects of the discussion; for instance, the main aspects of nutrition include proteins, fats, water, fibre, vitamins and carbohydrates. On the other hand, the main aspects of fitness include power, coordination, accuracy, speed, stamina, flexibility, strength and cardiorespiratory Endurance. It is essential that every individual concentrate on the mentioned aspects daily to build their bodies and thus maintain their health. Question two Hunger and malnutrition are the main issues that have become a concern in the discussion of nutrition. However, it is more important to discuss nutrition for many reasons. It helps many individuals who have or are suffering from various diseases due to malnutrition, including anemia, kwashiorkor, and marasmus, thus establishing good and stable immunity (Crowley, Ball and Hiddink 2019). This connection’s fitness becomes important because it helps the victims of such disease maintain a healthy life through exercise. Furthermore, a discussion of nutrition helps individuals realize the great importance of eating healthy food and having healthy diets in their daily lives, for instance, protecting them from contracting many chronic diseases (Anderson and 3 Durstine 2019). It also assists in maintaining good immunity for prevention against the severe Covid 19 pandemic currently disturbing the lives of individuals all around the world (Zildzic et al., 2020). Examples of the most dangerous chronic diseases are high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, obesity and heart disease. Good nutrition is essential because it helps in providing good outcomes during and after pregnancy. Fitness goes hand in hand with nutrition because, in the same way, nutrition does to human health, fitness also assists in bringing good health, supporting the expected growth, maintaining the average weight of the body and reducing the risk of contracting the chronic disease, thus the achievement of the overall well-being and stable health status. Question three Nutrition and fitness are becoming one of the most controversial topics of discussion in society today. The most trending controversies about the topic are hunger and lack of enough food to achieve the nutritional standards among the vulnerable individual due to covid 19 pandemic and other primary issues despite its importance, especially in the pandemic seasons (Calder, 2020). It is challenging for the poor individuals in remote areas to maintain the nutrition standards because their living status won’t allow such. It is because most of them prefer eating foods that will satisfy their hunger and not nutritional standards. On the other hand, fitness is becoming an issue with the people who are always busy, like the working class, thus making the rates of chronic disease increase exponentially or at an average pace. Therefore, society should recognize the importance of having their members participate in serious campaigns emphasizing the need for good nutrition and regular fitness. 4 Question four There are various side issues to address in discussing the chosen topic, which is nutrition and fitness. It includes the importance of physical and psychological fitness and the need for the government to continue engaging the vulnerable communities in the discussion concerning the importance of good nutrition and regular fitness. We also should understand that physical fitness is the capability to conduct aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities. Therefore, the connection between physical fitness and the issue of nutrition and fitness goes hand in hand. Having physical fitness will be a result of having good nutrition, sufficient rest, and moderatevigorous physical exercise. Therefore, addressing the issues mentioned above will educate various members of society regardless of their status on the need to have good health by conducting the regular physical exercise and having a proper diet for better nutrition. Question five Various obstacles surround the discussion on nutrition and fitness, especially for children in the adolescent age (Fühner et al., 2020). One of the most apparent obstacles is that the way individuals respond to good nutrition is not that pleasing. Many people in society today and worldwide are so careless and reluctant that having physical exercise is considered an enormous burden in their lives. The issue of poverty is another excellent obstacle when addressing this issue because poor people do not have enough funds to maintain balanced diets in their daily living. Another obstacle to the discussion of the issue of nutrition is time management. Most of the individuals, more so the working class, do have time to engage themselves in physical exercise to have physical fitness and even psychological fitness. The above obstacles will be summoned by holding conferences on educating members on the importance of good diets and how to develop excellent and balanced diets that won’t be expensive for them. Having proper time management is also essential to the 5 society members. Having a good understanding of nutrition is another way of summoning these issues (Whitney and Rolfes 2018). 6 References Anderson, E., & Durstine, J. L. (2019). Physical activity, exercise, and chronic diseases: A brief review. Sports Medicine and Health Science, 1(1), 3-10. Calder, P. C. (2020). Nutrition, immunity and COVID-19. BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health, 3(1), 74. Crowley, J., Ball, L., & Hiddink, G. J. (2019). Nutrition in medical education: a systematic review. The Lancet Planetary Health, 3(9), e379-e389. Fühner, T., Kliegl, R., Arntz, F., Kriemler, S., & Granacher, U. (2020). An update on secular trends in physical fitness of children and adolescents from 1972 to 2015: A systematic review. Sports Medicine, 1-18. Whitney, E., & Rolfes, S. R. (2018). Understanding nutrition. Cengage Learning. Zildzic, M., Masic, I., Salihefendic, N., Jasic, M., & Hajdarevic, B. (2020). The Importance of Nutrition in Boosting Immunity for Prevention and Treatment COVID-19. Int J Biomed Health, 8(2), 73-79.
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The Healthcare System

Description of the topic
a) The healthcare system involves the association of institutions, individuals, and resources
to offer care services that meet the health needs of the target group.
b) The healthcare system has various aspects that determine its efficacy in meeting the

medical needs of a target population.
c) The healthcare system influences efforts to organize determinants of health and promote

activities to improve the wellness of society.

What is at stake, and why it is important
a) Health care disparity is an essential issue at stake when exploring the healthcare system.
b) Health care disparities involve the discrepancies among different individuals and groups

of people and their ability to access care services.
c) Health disparities are significant because they affect the quality of medical care services

that different people receive from a healthcare system.

Controversies about the issue
a) One of the controversies surrounding the topic involves the high cost of care
b) The other controversy surrounding the topic includes preventable medical errors
c) The transparency issue is another controversy surrounding the healthcare system topic.


The important side issues to address
a) One of the fundamental side issues involves a fair healthcare system that enhances

equality and fairness in promoting healthcare.
b) The other important side issue to address involves the lack of access to healthcare.

c) Addressing the side issues discussed above can help reduce the increasing healthcare


Obstacles to addressing this issue
a) Limited health care resources and services constitute an obstacle to addressing fairness in

health care.
b) The lack of culturally-competence care services also hinders the attainment of fairness in

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Evans, M. K. (2020). Health equity—are we finally on the edge of a new frontier?. New England
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