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MRKT 310 Principles of Marketing

Week 8 Writing Assignment

Part 1 - Integrated Marketing Communications, and the Changing Media Landscape

Learning Outcomes

  1. Integrated Marketing Communications. Student understands how integrated marketing communications can add value for customers.
  2. Marketing communications objectives. Student can develop marketing communications objectives using the AIDA framework.
  3. Promotion mix. Student can select the appropriate promotion tool to be used for different marketing communications objectives.
  4. Media strategy. Student can design a simple message and media plan for a product or service offering.


  • This assignment assesses your ability to relate integrated marketing communications concepts to your product or service offering and the target market you selected. Here you will let your creative side shine as you think through how you would design the marketing communications for your product or service to effectively and efficiently communicate a clear, consistent and compelling message to your target market over the next year.
  • Prepare your assignment beginning with a title page to include your name, your product or service, and your target market. Then answer each of the following four questions in order number them before your response. There is no need to repeat the question.
  1. Integrated Marketing Communications. Considering your new target market and any modifications, new product line extensions or new products you may have developed to serve the new target market needs, create your 'Big Idea" to be the basis of the message strategy for all your marketing communications.
  2. Marketing communications objectives. Write at least three marketing communications objectives using the AIDA framework discussed in the course content.
  3. Promotion mix. For each of the three marketing communications objectives written in number 2, discuss which of the promotion tools would be the best choice to reach each of the three marketing communications objective. One tool must be advertising (traditional or online) You may have more than one promotion mix tool for any given marketing communications objective.
  4. Media strategy. Discuss at least two of your media choices that you believe will best reach your target market with your advertising. Be specific with your choices, e.g. HGTV, Rehab Addict, because the product or service is targeting a do-it-yourself target market, or Home Depot website banner ads for the same target market. Or Morning TV National News, Good Morning America and The Today Show, 1st hour because your target market is educated urban workers. If using social media, discuss which social media and how they will be used to accomplish which objective.

Part 2 - Special Topics in Marketing

B2B Marketing, Marketing Information Systems and Measuring Marketing Activities

Learning Outcomes

  1. B2B marketing. Student can differentiate the differences in marketing strategy between consumer markets and business markets.
  2. Segmenting B2B markets. Student can identify the B2B market segments involved in a product or service offering
  3. Marketing Information Systems. Student can identify at least three sources of input to a marketing information system for a product or service offering.
  4. Marketing Metrics. Student understands the purpose of Return on Marketing Investment for the company, and can identify at least three metrics that should be used in a product or service offering to measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies.


  • This part of the writing assignment closes the loop on strategic marketing planning in that it identifies the types of marketing strategies the company might employ to market its offering through the value chain prior to its final customer. Also, strategic planning is useless unless there are reliable and useful sources of inputs and a way to organize the data to be used in the planning process decision making. Metrics need to be in place to measure how successful (or not so successful) the strategies to reach marketing objectives have been. Strategic marketing planning then becomes an ongoing process of measuring and adjusting to new information and current conditions.
  • Many of your responses to these questions will be your best educated and informed (as much as possible) information on your product or service offering’s company. Where concrete information is not obtainable, you should use your judgment and describe why you made your judgment call.
  • Respond to each of the following four questions in order and identify the number of each response. There is no need to repeat the number of the question.
  1. B2B marketing. Consider your product or service offering. Based on the categories of B2B markets discussed in the readings, name at least two of the B2B markets that could be a target market for your company. Why?
  2. Segmenting B2B markets. Using the Harrison, Hague, and Hague behavioral-based segment model in the readings, which of those segmentation schemes might be most appropriate category for your company? Why?
  3. Marketing Information Systems. Identify at least three types of information your company should use in a comprehensive marketing information system for decision making purposes. Why did you chose each of them?
  4. Marketing Metrics. Identify and discuss at least one financial metric and three performance metrics that would be important to monitor your company’s strategic marketing planning for the marketing efforts you identified for your new marketing mix strategies.

General Submission Requirements

  • Prepare as a word processed document (such as Microsoft Word). Use a simple 12-point font such as Times New Roman. Use black ink for majority of your work and only use colors if it enhances your ability to communicate your thoughts.
  • Your assignment should be the equivalent of approximately five pages of double-spaced text, approximately 1/2 page for each of the eight questions (four in Part 1 and four in Part 2). You may attach exhibits that will not be counted towards the page count of double-spaced text. The cover page and Bibliography page are not part of the five pages of written analysis.
  • Be sure your name, writing assignment number, and the name of your product or service are on the cover page of your writing assignment.
  • Include a bibliography, which includes at least four references.
  • You may use MLA or APA style, or any other college-level style guide. More information about using a style guide can be found in the UMUC's virtual library accessible from your LEO classroom or at
  • Upload your word processed document in your LEO assignments folder by the due date in the LEO calendar.

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Running Head: principle of Marketing: iPhone 6s

Principle of Marketing: iPhone 6s

Student’s Name
Institution of affiliation:


principle of Marketing: iPhone 6s


1. Integrated marketing communications.
The huge thought is vital with regards to marketing. This is on the grounds that it
ought to be comprehensive and catch a few parts of marketing.
2. Marketing communications objectives.
For this situation, we have three marketing targets. These are the marketing and
message goals that we accept will endear us to the customers.
The first is brand information. As observed by our huge thought message above, we are
giving our customers information about our iPhone 6s. These believe and practice is that these
information helps the buyers settle on a superior and informed choice.
The second objective is personality. Many individuals like a brand that is related with
eminent and agreeable assortments. This is on account of in their reasoning, they trust that if
someone in particular finds iPhone 6s alluring and usable, is there any valid reason why they
shouldn't, thus the uproar with famous people.
The third is brand image. Picture is everything for any respectable brand that is trying to
make advances into undiscovered and new client base. The iPhone 6s ought to in this way,
present themselves in great light and may either choose to display their image as either
extravagance, need, ease, and so on whichever case they picked, they will dependably have
3.Promotion mix.

principle of Marketing: iPhone 6s


These are the strategies which clients can be reached with the goal that they can purchase
the iPhone 6s observe more.
In the first place, marketing through identity has its most noteworthy quality in the
relationship with superstars. An incredible case for this situation being that iPhone 6s is related
with Drake. For this situation subsequently, advancement will generally be through Drake. He
could do TV advertisements which will be aired on TV.
Next, he could likewise have blurbs of iPhone 6s connected with his visit special
publications wherever they are. Along these lines, more individuals will have the capacity to see
it. In conclusion, he could likewise do announcements before or after he performs by educating
individuals how great the iPhone 6s is.
Next is marketing while at the same time focusing on high way of life customers. This is
on the grounds that the iPhone 6s brand is for high life individuals since they are pricy. To begin
with, web based marketing is one key imperative factor in business system. Online flags and
popups at numerous sites and also articles on these watches. These guarantees that many
individuals see it since the quantity of those utilizing on the web administrations has quadrupled.
Second, is the utilization of email marketing. This is on the grounds that for iPhone 6s, they
know their steadfast clients who are snared to iPhone 6s items. Sending them messages in this
way advises them that another item has been discharged. Ultimately, promoting through the print
media like daily papers is additional key. This is on the grounds that however the huge populace
gets their data on the web, there are those that are as yet customary and thus read daily papers. It
is not wise to overlook this client base.

principle of Marketing: iPhone 6s


4.Media strategy.
As said above, there are a few media strategies to achieve more clients. Two of them are
discussed below:
TV advertisements. Television are the best because of the populace that watches the TV.
Our methodology ought to along these lines be for Drake to make a TV plug that will be
disclosed. The planning of airing the business is additionally exceptionally significant since we
need to get however many audience watching as possible as could be expected under the
circumstances. This is accordingly the reason we will put it just before and amid prime-time
news. This is the time the vast majority tune into TVs to watch news. Along these lines, however
exceptionally pricy, we will likewise contact a great number of people which will build our client
Email advertisement. iPhone 6s is to a great extent seen as an extravagance and way of
life item. This is on account of when contrasted with different organizations, iPhone 6s items are
pricy. This is however helped by the way that iPhone 6s items are of high caliber from
telephones, tablets, watches, and so on, along these lines have an expansive client taking after
who wouldn't fret the high cost. Actually, they are dependably watchful for new items. Along
these lines in this way, iPhone 6s gathered their data and email addresses. Sending these
messages of the new iPhone 6s will mean these steadfast clients will come and buy the item
After this, there will be high deals for the iPhone 6s.

principle of Marketing: iPhone...

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