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Background information
The university of Sydney was founded in the Year 1850, being the first university in
Australia. Throughout the 160 years, the university has shown a progressive brand name due to
the high-quality facilities and the quality of education.
The University of Sydney offers the most extensive range of academic programs offered by any
university in Australia. It offers undergraduate courses, postgraduate coursework courses and
postgraduate research courses to students.
The University of Sydney vision is leading to improve the world around us. Its mission statement
is to ensure that the university has an efficient and effective control framework which facilitates
the achievement of its strategic plan and protects it from unnecessary risks. The objectives of the
University include:

To improve financial and administrative practices all through the University.

To improve efficiency and effectiveness of the operations in the University.

To improve quality and cost effectiveness of internal controls and risk management
practices throughout information systems.

To minimize fraud within the University.

The University’s values are: leadership for a better future, a healthier place to learn,
diversity, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation and sustainability on campus.


Market summary and demand assessment
Currently, the University of Sydney is attended by over 52,000 students who represent 134
countries in the world. The percentage of international students in the University is 29% while
the ratio of female to male is 57:43. There are close to 280 overseas programmes taking place in
over 30 countries. It had 33,000 undergraduates and 19,284 postgraduates as at 2014. The
University has 3000 academic stuff and 300,000 alumni.
The university graduates and faculty is affiliated with five Nobel and two Crafoord laureates.
The University has educated a total of six prime ministers and 24 justices of High Court of
Australia. It has also produced 24 Rhodes Scholars and several Gates scholars.
The University ranks fifth in the top universities in Australia and it is also one of the leading
universities in academics and research worldwide. Thousands of students look forward to being
admitted to the University every year due to its many accredited programs, positive reputation on
a world approach and dedicated and skillful faculty.
Proactive student access to services and resources

Segmentation and target market200
Borden, (2014) describes market segmentation as the process of grouping customers and
clients with specific characteristics and behaviors in the aim of coming up with a unique strategy
employed in marketing mix to attract targeted customers (Armstrong, 2013). Marketing
segmentation is usually based on the following:


a) On the basis of demographic
The University launched a Disability Action Plan in 2013 to make education and career targets
are attained by each and every student and staff member. The University also created an Ally
Network to support the incorporate of gays, lesbians, transgender, bisexuals, intersex and Queer
(LGBTIQ) members of the society. The University is committed to promoting gender equity and
provides equal academic and work opportunities to both men and women.

b) On the basis of psychographics
The University of Sydney is has divided its market based on the personality traits of their
customers, values, attitudes, interests and lifestyles. The University offers the most extensive
range of academic programs because a majority of people in their target market have great
interest in education and want to advance their knowledge.

c) On the basis of behavior.
The University of Sydney has divided its population based on their behavior, the responsiveness
of the population to its products and how the population uses or knows of their product. Many
people sought an opportunity to join the University of Sydney because of the benefits that come
along with it such as its many accredited programs and the positive reputation that the University
has on a world approach.


Current marketing mix
a) Product
As mentioned earlier the University offers the most extensive range of academic programs in
undergraduate courses, postgraduate coursework courses and postgraduate research courses to
students. Its teachers, researchers and leading thinkers come up with answers to difficult global
issues that influence our health, technology, environment and culture. The University has the
following faculties: Agriculture and Environment, Architecture, Design and Planning, Arts and
Social Sciences, Business, Dentistry, Education and Social Work, Engineering and Information
Technologies, Health Sciences, Law and Medicine.
b) Price
The University of Sydney helps students to estimate their study costs and offer details on
payment options and government HELP loans. A student’s tuition fees are calculated based on
his or her residency, calendar of study and the enrolled course. Australian citizens, permanent
humanitarian holder and eligible New Zealand citizens pursuing postgraduate courses are
entitled to FREE-HELP, a government loan that lets students pay their tuition fees once they
begin working. The Australian government subsidies the tuition fees of a local undergraduate
student pursuing an award course.
c) Place


The University of Sydney has numerous teachers, researchers and students located all over
Australia. The teachings and research locations of the campus include: Camperdown,
Cumberland Campus, Camden Campus, Mallet Street Campus, Rozelle (Sydney College of the
Arts), Sydney Medical School Campuses and Teaching Hospitals, Surry Hills Campus, 133
Castlereagh Street, CBD, S ydney Conservation of Music and One Tree Island Reasearch
d) Promotion
The University of Sydney promotes itself majorly by advertisement. The advertisement is
approached differently under various methods. They are enhanced through on-campus
activations, on-campus advertisement, social media, EDMS and the three university’s websites
which are usu.edu.au, hermannsbar.com, and manningbar.com. The EDM gives provides direct
access to 24,000 students and community members. Banner ads, branded content, and takeovers
are also available. The social media has also grown with approximately 16000 likes on Facebook
and 1900 followers on twitter.


PEST analysis

Commonwealth migration and education policies
act as barriers in obtaining visas


Course-related expenses are catered so since
individuals are charged as from their residential


The use of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by
the University of Sydney attracts students


The university is updated in technological
resources for research e.g. having the first virtual
linear accelerator machine in Australia.

Competitor analysis
The University of Sydney has many competitors in Australian with whom it competes with.
University of Melbourne holds the first position in the top universities in Australia followed by
Australian National University. The University of Sydney holds the third position in the top
universities in Australia. Apart from University of Melbourne and Australian National
University, the University of Sydney also faces competition from University of Queensland and
Monash University which rank fourth and fifth respectively in the top five universities in


SWOT analysis

1. Many accredited programs
2. Positive reputation on a world approach
i.e. ranking among the top
3. Dedicated and expert faculty
4. Proactive student access to services and


1. Adjustment to growth pressures due to
the vast student population it has to
2. Reporting requirements demand a lot of
resources making it costly
3. Unequal and high workloads staff and


1. Has a higher growth potential due to the
large number of students it admits
2. Increased value of higher education
trends through research
3. Amazing partnership opportunities with
organizations such as Quntas
4. Diversity of regions in that it is located
in many parts of Australia


1. Perception of education as the only


means to a job
2. Focusing




rather than qualitative achievement
3. Development of other universities which
pose competition to it

Value and brand positioning analysis
The University of Sydney is one of the top universities in the world in research and academics. It
was one of the first universities to admit students exclusively on academic merit, and to provide
the same academic opportunities offered to men to women.
The University of Sydney has formed partnership with the following organizations: Rio Tinto,
Qantas, Sirtex Medical Ltd, GE Healthcare, Defence Science and Technology, Allegra
Orthopaedics and Elastagen. Through these partnerships the University intends to promote
further research and development for their partners and create products, services and systems that
will profit the global community.
The university offers scholarships programs to contribute towards the financial freedom of the
students to enable them to focus on their studies.
The University of Sydney has presented to an angle of stability in its functioning. Its
strategies have a placed it on a stable market position. However, having a look at its SWOT


analysis, it still goes a room for growth. There is need to optimize its functioning by
improvement on the weak areas.

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About us page retrieved from https://sydney.edu.au/about-us.html

Borden, N. H. (2014). The concept of the marketing mix.Journal of advertising
research, 4(2), 2-7.
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