Read your Classmates' posts and respond to a minimum of 3

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Read your Classmates' posts and respond to a minimum of 3

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Bryan Tucker Biometric Security is extremely versatile and can be used in numerous ways that will help you to secure not just electronics but land, buildings, and cars. One of the newest ways that biometrics are making it into our life are through financial institutions and purchases. This is obvious in the fact that you can use your fingerprint to purchase applications off the app store for your smart phone. Another way is when mobile banking application requires you to sign in with you fingerprint before you can view any sensitive information. Some banks in Japan are even going so far as to install fingerprint scanners at the ATM so that your account can't be drained without your approval. Another way biometrics is being applied is through border security and airport security. This is common now at the US/Mexican border where fingerprint scans are being utilized to ensure no terrorists or illegal immigrants are entering the country unauthorized. In 2007 alone nearly 47 million new fingerprint entries were made at the border. Airports are implementing new systems for their employees that require them to not only have a card to access certain areas but also employee a fingerprint scan. This increases security and prevents access to someone who happens to find a airport security card. Facial recognition is also being used in surveillance to help out security firms ad government agencies. a trial was conducted in England where 250 cameras where installed to scan faces and alert the police if a criminal was identified. They do not believe this technique resulted in any arrests but it is a step in the right direction. With a little bit of fine tuning it could become a very valuable tool. Biometric Applications Retrieved from: Applications Retrieved from: Biometric Identification Technology for Airport Security Retrieved from: Gabriel Thompson Biometric security has made its way to the private sector security industries. These types of companies are sworn to protect either information or areas for their clients and their reliability in the past means business for their future. Biometrics are needed in today’s security because our computer technology has evolved so far that hacks are being created every day. In order to stay on top of these stolen systems, we need to have a more secure “password” that cannot be changed or hacked. One of the main experiments that have changed the way we look at biometrics is apple putting the thumbprint scanners into the new iPhone. As the public slowly adapts and understands the benefits of quick and secure access controls, we may see an increase in these types of systems. We also see these systems being offered for home and vehicle security. Thumbprint and voice recognition scanning can be bought to protect the access points to your home which is really handy when keys can get lost or picked at any given time Vehicles are just now starting to come out with a scanning technology in the door handle and in your key fob so you can unlock, lock, or start your car with your voice and print. Other higher targeted places such as expensive banks, federal investigative buildings, military installations, etc., all have some sort of scans to protect their physical assets from being taken. This, in my opinion, is the start of that technology trickling down and being available to the public on the norm. Belony Borange There are several biometric applications which are used in various area, for several different purposes in each field. Biometric applications help to securely restrict access to sensitive operations, perimeters and assets. The applications used for security purposes included but are not limited to logical access control, physical access control, and surveillance. The logical access control application refers to using biometric compatible security software to grant and deny users access to a device or a computer network remotely. This application is not a very common one, but most people could agree that It is the future. Using biometric technologies will eliminate the use of keycards, passwords and usernames. A great example of this application, is the fingerprint recognition technology we have in our phones (Das, 2010; Newman, 2013). Most people are familiar with using biometrics in physical access control application, it involves using unique physical and/or behavioral attributes (biometric traits) to authenticate users, to permit or deny them access to a secure area. Most people could agree that biometric physical access control solutions are much better authentication methods compare to keys, key cards and PINs. It’s more secure, more accurate, and efficient. This solution is widely used by government organizations, private business, private facilities, etc. It could even be considered more cost effective than using key and access card, depend on the organization’s size (Newman, 2013). A biometric surveillance application is normally used to monitor an individual or a large group of people, using biometric technologies to automatically identify them. Moreover, some devices may able to determining any abnormal behavior from an established reference point. A surveillance solution is normally implemented using biometric techniques such as behavioral, facial and voice recognitions. This is normally deployed by government agencies and corporate security (Das, 2010). Although some biometric modalities are more secure than other, biometric solutions are much more secure than the traditional security methods like keys, keycard, PINs, etc. The main reason for this, is because biometric solutions rely on users’ unique and unchangeable characteristics (part of who they are) to authenticate them, not what they possess. What induvial possess can be shared, but who they are cannot be changed (yet at least). It goes without saying that biometric security applications are the future. Usernames and Passwords will soon be gone. ...
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I find this post relevant in several ways. Biometrics Security is really revolutionary as far
as security, finance and privacy is concerned. As far as security is concerned, home security, border
security, gadget security and financing have the best of biometric security. An additional factor is
that biometric security...

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