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*Topics: self-directed work teams and the lean production mode.

In one document write the following two 'e-mails'.

*First e-mail:

1. Compose an email to your subordinate, Joe Brown, about self-directed work teams. Explain

what self-directed teams are, and their potential benefits and risks.

*Second e-mail:

2. Your supervisor, the production manager of a company that recently shifted operations from

a traditional manufacturing mode to a lean production mode, has asked you to write an email to

the chief financial officer of the company, H. Penny, explaining knowledge-based pay systems.

Penny is particularly interested in the rationale for adopting this pay system. In your email, be

sure to include the three categories of knowledge or skills that are covered in this system.

*Link to the topics content:

Lean operation

Self-directed work teams

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Subject Line: Self-Directed Work Teams
Dear Mr. Joe Brown,
I am writing to you today to explain about self-directed work teams. Self-directed teams
include workers with a similar focus and are committed to achieving the set goals under
minimum administrative oversight. I will highlight their potential benefits and risks to help you
understand their efficiency and help decide how we have to influence our teams.
According to Stevenson (2021: Chapter 07), one of the most significant benefits of selfdriven teams is sharing ideas. Such groups can share and discuss ideas and evaluate them to
determine the best to implement depending on the situation.
Also, self-directed work teams can make decisions in situations ca...

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