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Using the APA Paper Template - Write a 1050 - 1400 word paper, based on your Week Five Learning Team Collaborative discussion, with your recommendations to the IT Steering Committee. Include the following content in your paper:

  • Summarize the responses to the questions from your team discussion.
  • Choose the solution that you personally feel is the right solution.
  • Explain the reason you made your choice and justify your choice with current references.

I will attach a word document with all of the discussion so you can integrate it in the paper as requested

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In Week Two, your company decided whether to develop a new mobile ordering system in order to avoid losing customers to your competitor, and you developed a presentation to show differences between the current process and future process. You determined the skill sets of the technical and process human resources you need for the project implementation team. In Week Four, you discussed some of the customer interface issues and development issues that arise when designing a mobile software application. This week, your team will wrestle with some of the issues around how to approach the development of this system. You will take the recommendations from the prior team discussions and make you own proposal to the IT Steering Committee. Assume that the development effort will be done in-house and outside resources will only be brought in if needed. As a team, discuss the following questions: • How will Personal Identifiable Information be separated and protected from the information that is necessary to complete the order? • How will the mobile ordering app interface with the current point of sale system? • How can the company avoid developing a website for each retail outlet? • What company costs can be saved using the new app? • What additional revenue can be gained using the new app? How will you attract current and new customers to your mobile app by using social media? • What company costs can be saved using the new app? ▪ What additional revenue can be gained using the new app? ➢ Well, I feel that we could gain additional revenue by expanding our customer base with the mobile application. However, I am not sure how we can save money by using the mobile application but I will get back to the team after I do some thinking and a little research. ➢ Okay, well, there is a study that was done on how mobile applications saved businesses money and they said that money was saved by not having to pay for as many as 5.6 hours a week to employees. ➢ ➢ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/10/mobile-apps-save-smallbusinesses-time-and-money_n_1269049.html ➢ This was my first thought. Having a mobile ordering system actually automates the ordering system, therefore reducing the number of FTEs or the amount of time it takes for an associate to plug in an order to a PoS. The customer touching mobile app will be utilized by the customer essentially ordering on their own. ➢ Another savings could be in the PoS terminals and software that were not needed. Across potentially hundreds of locations across the country, this cost savings could be huge. We would not have a need for servicing or updating these terminals anymore since everybody's mobile device now acts as a personal PoS. ➢ Cost savings: Like Jonathan mentioned, reduced downtime for employees so there is less wasted expense. Also, with customers inputing their own orders, there are less mistakes in ordering, so there is less product waste. ➢ Additional revenue: Like Jonathan mentioned, new customers would increase sales figures. With app ordering, we could also serve more customers in the same amount of time, because orders could come in simultaneously without being hindered by the number of registers we have open. How will the mobile ordering app interface with the current point of sale system? ➢ I feel we could have the mobile ordering application tie in with our in store ordering system and the application could alert us when an Online order has been made. However, I will have to do some research to see how this system would technically work. Separating the personal information once the order is completed can generate an order or invoice number that we can interface with the PoS system in use, assuming all locations of our business are using the same PoS software (I would hope so). ➢ This order/ invoice will download to the appropriate store based on the customers preferences that were set up on the mobile app and appear on the PoS as if it were ordered in the store with some other metadata that separates it from the other orders. ➢ This way we can track which stores receive mobile app orders for marketing or analysis down the road. ➢ There is a cloud based API for integrating a mobile app with current POS systems. How can the company avoid developing a website for each retail outlet? ➢ I think using the GPS from the mobile device and having the addresses of all of the retail outlets integrated into the app, then using that information to locate the nearest retail location would make it so that there is one app for all stores. ➢ I think Chapter 12 mentions something about integrating GPS technology with GIS systems. Using that data can support linking all locations into just one website. ➢ A lot of stores do this so it does not confuse customers. Having everything under one roof is important when in the chain business. Customers will know what to expect when they visit their website and not see any differences when they jump to a local shop's website. ➢ How should we do it is another question. I immediately thought when I read the question that if a shop owner was to buy into the corporate chain, then they would have to comply with the policy that they could not open their own website. ➢ Another way around this would be that the corporate would own the domain name like panerabread.com or something like that. This would make it impossible for a certain location to create their own website unless they wanted to violate policy. I found this article that talks up the benefits of developing a cloud based mobile app versus a native app. As long as we implement an API (application programming interface) we can use the device's GPS to locate where the user is. The system can then use that information to determine which locations are close to where the user is. This is kind of like using a store website that has brick and mortar locations (I will use Walmart as an example). It has a find my store feature where you put in a zip code, and it will list the stores in a radius of your choosing. By using the GPS, rather than asking the customer to input the zip code of where they are, the app could pull that information and automatically fill it in and give the user the option to choose a convenient location. ➢ http://searchcloudapplications.techtarget.com/feature/Mobile-cloudapps-vs-native-apps-The-developers-perspective How will Personal Identifiable Information be separated and protected from the information that is necessary to complete the order? ➢ I would like to say that the personal information would be stored on a highly secure server. However, I still cannot confirm this until I do some more research. ➢ I wonder if the money transfer could be separated into a different transaction? Even if so, all transactions should be encrypted. ➢ How does encryption work on a mobile app? We studies HTTPS with browsers and other security protocols but nothing with mobile apps.Since I am not versed in the subject, I would default to secure servers that Jonathan mentioned backed by encrypted transaction. But that personal data needs to be linked to the data that completes the order. Otherwise, how will we know who ordered what?Maybe the personal data can be separated once the transaction is completed on the app. When somebody orders something, the data separation occurs and then a sales receipt is created with an order number or something that links the separated personal data with the completed order. Then we can sort out the orders to who order them at appropriate location. Not sure if this is possible but here is what I think. ➢ When the order is generated there would be a unique code for a certain store's location based on the customer's preferences. That code or store ID will be sent to that's stores PoS terminal and they can start making the order. The store ID would be in addition to the How will you attract current and new customers to your mobile app by using social media? ➢ I feel it would be best to use Facebook and Twitter to drive in our customer base to the application. We would have access to billions of people by simply re tweeting and having people use the like button as well. Also, I feel on Facebook we would have customers posting between friends which is just as good as word of mouth. ➢ And there should be some type of reward for a first time share or retweet, like an order discount or free item. Plus, to make sure people continue to use the app to make purchases, we could implement a frequent customer system, either by number of purchases for specific items or points based on order totals. ➢ I feel like we already covered this last week? Can we just use the same posts/ ideas? Kidding - I like both of your ideas integrating social media but I would like to add, piggy backing from the better customer service I posted in additional revenue, that with the awareness of excellent customer service the customer-touching customer relationship management (CRM) tools would be flooded with great feedback about how good of a job we do. We can use these social media outlets as a chance to reach out to our customers and let them know that we hear them. We could also do the same with social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter as well as our "one" website. We can have a customer relations team that lets our fans know that we hear them and maybe every once in while through something out there to get them to use our app like both of you mentioned. ➢ All of the topics are basically the culmination of all of our Team Discussions for this course, so yeah, we covered this last week The assignment based on the discussions is basically a summary of the results of the discussions as well, so hopefully it won't be too stressful or time consuming. ...
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Running Head: Proposal to the IT Steering Committee

Proposal to the IT Steering Committee,
First Name, Last Name,
Institutional Affiliation,
Date of Submission,


Solution to Mobile App Development Issues


Technology is the key trending topic in the business world which is attributed with
incredible potential which on proper exploitations is taking many corporations to new
performance levels beyond their anticipation. One of the key technologies that have been well
appreciated in the global e-commerce industry is the mobile app technology which initially was
taken as just a product branding strategy but later turned out to be a tower of extensive marketing
power. For instance, it has simplified the online purchasing to easy-to-access information
resulting to incredible efficiency in trading (Martínez-Pérez, 2015). In this paper, I shall develop
a technical proposal to the IT steering committee on various recommendations regarding various
issues arising in the development of a new mobile application intended to run a customer
ordering system of a given organization. These recommendations are derived from the discussion
sessions on various issues highlighted below. However, towards the end of the paper, I shall
make my informed proposals on an informed acclaim on the best approaches to undertaking
when addressing the arising developmental issues (Joorabchi, 2013).
Discussion Summary
The first discussed concern was regarding how personally identifiable information will be
separated and protected from the information that is required to complete the customer’s order.
The first suggestion was that the personal information should be stored on highly secure serve.
Secondly, it was suggested money transfers among all other order should be encrypted (Zhu,
2014). However, there arose some questions concerning encryption of data over a mobile app. In
relation, mobile app encryption, a group member showed a lack of adequate information
concerning the issue hence suggested that personal data needs to be linked to the data on order
completion which can securely be accomplished after the order completion from the app by use
of both secure servers and encryption transaction information.

Solution to Mobile App Development Issues


Additionally, it was suggested that data separation should be occurring in such a man...

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