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How do I learn to sing?

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Hello! The talent of singing is most often a talent you are born with, however there are ways you can learn to use your vocal chords and develop the talent of singing overtime with much practice!

To start off you need to do some breathing exercises which will allow you to have a better pitch during singing and have a longer singing duration. One example of breathing exercises is inhaling a couple deep breaths of air and pretend the air is heavy as you breathe it in. However there are many breathing methods you can use to prepare your voice for singing, you may look for different exercises on the internet or you may even want to get a singing coach to teach you some.

After breathing exercises you need to start warming up by practising some vocal chords, because just like any other muscle in your body it needs some stretching.An important chord to practice is the middle C chord

And find find you range of singing which means find the measure of pitches you can sing between high and low notes. One way of doing this is by singing a song and seeing what you can accomplish.

If you are completely new to singing and need help with chords and all the methods I explained above I really think a singing coach could help you.

I hope my question was helpful have a great day!

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