How Inexpensive & Interesting World Travel Actually Can Be Netherlands Travel Report

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Purpose: This assignment is intended to demonstrate how relatively simple, inexpensive, and interesting world travel actually can be.


  • A 1000–1500 word report (roughly three to five pages, but can be more) or other substantial project, e.g. PowerPoint presentation.
  • Reference List, including books, interviews, Internet websites, etc.
  • Any supporting materials, such as travel brochures, photos, maps, etc.

Content: Each report should minimally include the following:

  • Orientation: Geography, climate, population, etc.
  • Brief History: Politics, economy, religion, etc.
  • Cultural Customs: Language, greetings, dress, taboos, etc.
  • Travel: Transportation cost and means, time of travel, lodging, visas, currency, exchange rate, immunizations, etc.
  • Activities: Sights to see, festivals/holidays, etc.
  • Music Activities: Include some music genres and events likely to be seen.
  • Total Cost: Provide a breakdown list of costs for a week stay in the country. Feel free to stay longer, if you like. Be reasonable in your pricing. I doubt you’ll win the lottery before you go.
  • Recommended Resources: Books, recordings, addresses to contact, etc.
  • Creativity: These points are based on your creativity and writing style. Some students have written from the perspective of a travel agent booking a tour, a tour guide native to the country visited, or even a backpacker on an adventure. If you make it fun to read, it will be fun to write.


This project is designed to be FUN as well as educational. The focus is on the TRAVEL, not the history, etc., so don’t overdo the opening sections. The idea is to stimulate you to pursue international travel as part of your life experience. You will gain a better appreciation of not only other people and their culture, but the culture you live in as well. Be CREATIVE as well as informative. Please

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Travel Report
The Netherlands

The Netherlands, formerly known as Holland, is a flat land of canals and tulip fields.
This country is built using the Dutch’s long history of careful and sophisticated hydraulic
engineering which dates back to medieval times. In a cultural sense, the country brought
to this world, many renowned names among many fields, such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt,
Mondrian, among many others (World Travel Guide, 2021). It can truly be said that the
Netherlands is a country of art and engineering.

Map of The Netherlands (World Atlas, 2021)
The country is located in Northwestern Europe and is bordered by Germany and
Belgium, in the east and south, respectively. The country is low-lying and flat. The
Netherlands consists of 2500 square miles of reclaimed land, known as polders, through
the initial use of man power and horsepower, which was eventually replaced with
windmills. These are protected by dijks (dikes). Its biggest lake is Ijsselmeer, which is a
manmade lake made by closing of the Zuidermeer bay (Amsterdam, 2021). About half of
the surface of the Netherlands is less than 1 m above sea level, and about 24% are below
sea level. The country is also home of the largest open sand drifts in Europe.
The country’s climate is temperate, with gentle winters, warm summers, dry
springs, and consists of seasonal rainfall. Due to the country being the area of collision
between warm and polar air masses, it is generally known by its heavy clouds, which can
be reflected by the landscapes made by the Dutch Painters such as Philips Koninck.

View over a Flat Landscape (Koninck)
The Netherlands’ population are estimated at 17,441,139 in 2020 (The World
Bank, 2020). The people of the Netherlands are collectively known as the Dutch. The
country’s ethnicity consists majorly of Dutch, with the minorities including other
Europeans, Turks, Indonesians, Surinamese, Aruba, and Americans. The language in the
whole country is Dutch, sometimes referred to as Netherlandic. In the m...

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