Conduct two separate critical analysis of the attached postings by two classmates, management homework help

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Hello, please see the below:

  1. Conduct two separate critical analysis of the attached postings by two classmates.
  2. Your discussion response should discuss your classmate’s posting and be written as if you were reviewing his or her posting in an academic journal. Your discussion response should therefore answer the following questions as applicable:
    1. Was your classmate’s reasoning articulate and logical? Were the facts correct?
    2. Was the interpretation your classmate provided reasonable and consistent with experts in the field? Did your classmate defend the choices effectively?
  3. The focus for your critical analysis is not whether or not you agree with your classmate and is not to be a recap of all that was shared by your classmate, but is to academically critique how well his or her position was presented with points and counterpoints.
  4. Each response should be 200 words in length and include, at a minimum, two sources properly cited and referenced: (a) Black, J. S. (2014). It starts with one: Changing individuals changes organizations (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.and (b)

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Assignment Instructions a. Leadership:-Charismatic Leadership. i. Synthesize views of charismatic leadership theory from classical leadership research with your own experience to articulate a personal worldview perspective. ii. Describe the human resource management implications arising from your personal worldview perspective of charismatic leadership theory. iii. Note: A synthesis is a combination of independent parts into a whole. For this section of your discussion forum, include one or more concepts from each of the two required leadership article readings, add in your personal perspective based on your understanding or experience of the leadership topic, and then provide one or more HR implication(s) that could result from the synthesis. b. Integration of Faith and Learning. i. Review the 4.1 Devotional and Scripture reading. ii. Describe the traits evidencing Peter as a charismatic leader. iii. Identify the leadership lessons that can be learned from the Scripture reading and how these might be incorporated in the workplace. Classmates Postings Carissa Kahl 3/25/2017 1:12:19 PM Leadership Classics: Charismatic Leadership Leadership: Charismatic Leadership There have been various theories related to charismatic leadership over the past years. Most theories and studies of charismatic leadership have focused on the leaders’ qualities and behaviors that contribute to the charismatic leadership process (Howell & Shamir, 2005, p. 99). These characteristics are what determine what type of charismatic relationship develops. One type of relationship associated with a charismatic leader is known as the socialized relationship. This type of relationship involves followers who are less dependent on their leader and who have a strong sense of self. They are able to express themself from the leader’s message and do not need identification from the leader. Shamir, House, & Arthur (1993) expound upon different ways that charismatic leaders motivate their followers. Charismatic leaders increase effort-accomplishment expectancies by enhancing the followers’ self-esteem and self-worth (Shamir, House, & Arthur, 1993, p. 582). A personal worldview perspective developed from the research can be explained from an example at Hendricks Regional Health. Our charismatic leaders set high expectancies of our job tasks and expects us to perform tasks that are not always associated with our jobs. This aids in the development in self-efficacy and allows individuals to perform at a high level of performance. An HR implication that could result from this synthesis deals with socialized charismatic leaders and the importance of promoting the values of the organization appropriately. Socialized relationships deal with individuals who already have set values, and if those do not appropriately match up with the values that the organization promotes then problems could arise. Integration of Faith and Learning Peter speaks up and leads a large group of followers with his message. He was able to captivate his audience with his boldness and charismatic attitude. These characteristics are what helped Peter to motivate three thousand people to follow Christ. When a charismatic relationship exists, followers identify with the leader, the group, and the collective mission and regard them as expressing important aspects of their self-concepts (Howell & Shamir, 2005, p. 99). Howell, J. M., & Shamir, B. (2005). The role of followers in the charismatic leadership process: relationships and their consequences. Academy Of Management Review, 30(1), 96-112. doi:10.5465/AMR.2005.15281435 Shamir, B., House, R. J., & Arthur, M. B. (1993). The motivational effects of charismatic leadership. A self-concept based theory. Organization Science, 4(4), 577-594. Lori Miller 3/24/2017 11:55:19 PM 4.3 Leadership Classics: Charismatic Leadership 3ai/iii: Our basic argument is that, depending on their self-concepts, followers may develop two different types of charismatic relationships with the leader—personalized or socialized—and these relationships are likely to result in different consequences (Howell & Shamir, 2005). Charismatic leaders tend to be good communicators. They communicate with their followers on a higher level and are able to get those followers to follow them. The main emphasis is mostly put on how well they communicate, are able to get their trust and are able have their employees follow. The obstacles however, are that they can seem arrogant and unconcerned. Self-evaluation is an important source of intrinsic motivation: people's anticipatory self-reactions to their own performances serve as principal sources of reward and sanction ( Shamir, House, & Arthur, 1993). People need to be motivated. People need to have their self-esteem and self-worth enhanced. In order to follow a leader, they need to have those two built up. They need to know that their leader values their worth as employees. By building up their self-worth and selfesteem, they are showing that they are valued employees. 3ii: The HR implications are that you need to be sure that the skills are there to be sure that all the managers and employees are able to get what they need in order to be good employees. They can influence employees to be more productive and work better together. 3b i/ii/iii: Peter is able to captivate everyone with his words and show he can be a good leader. He was able to overcome his fear and be a motivational leader. He was able to become a great speaker and able to bring others to his message by using his powerful words. Bible Howell, J. M. & Shamir, B. (2005). The role of followers in the charismatic leadership process: Relationships and their consequences. Academy of Management Review, 30 (1), 96-112 doi: 10.5465/AMR.2005.15281435. Retrieved March 24, 2017. Shamir, Boas, House, Robert J, and Arthur, Michael B. 1993. The motivation effects of charismatic leadership: A self-concept based theory. Retrieved March 24, 2017. ...
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Response for Carissa Kahl
Your position of a charismatic leader (Black, 2014) is one that formulates socialized
relationships as a method of motivating employees. The charismatic leader is one that provides
excellent communication, exemplary examples and guides through leadership qualities
encompassing morals and ethics. In the 21st century of business operation, charismatic leadership
is crucial to obtaining operational performances by utilizing human resources as efficient and
functional valuable assets. Leadership is but one facet that employees consider when evaluating
job engagement and position satisfaction, many including myself sacrifice wages and ignorance
because my family has health coverage is a primary example of why leadership...

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