WCU Implications of Physical Exercise and Inactivity on Muscle Fatigue Presentation

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PowerPoint presentation about a physiology topic. 

PowerPoint Presentation Requirements:

  • Create and record a 3- to 5-minute presentation on a physiology topic using Panopto or a similar recording software.
    • You will record both yourself and your PowerPoint presentation at the same time, which can be done with Panopto.
    • The video must capture your face and the presentation.
  • Present the physiology of your topic.
    • Physiology should be explained in depth, step by step, and be organized.
    • The topic should be explained and not read off notes for the PowerPoint slide.
  • You will be expected to refer to and explain the images, animations, terms, and key points on your slides.
    • Include clear, well-sized, unlabeled images (Choose images without labels, or remove the labels).
    • You will be expected to explain the physiology of the images in your own words.
    • Utilize animations to explain the physiology conent.
    • Include key points and terms (use bullets, not paragraphs).

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Muscle Fatigue


The following Topics will be

any decrease in muscle performance associated with
muscular activity at its original intensity


Muscle fatigue may be described as the inability to maintain the necessary or
anticipated output or force. Because even during a sub maximum activity, a loss in
muscle performance might result, a better definition of tiredness may be: "any
decrease in muscle performance associated with muscular activity at its original
intensity." (Bogdanis, 2012)


The goal of this research is to examine and explain muscular
tiredness variations amongst people with vari...

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