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Writing essay about Killing us softly answer the Q and start write essay with thesis and outline

Killing Us Softly Links

Video; http://www.definatalie.com/killing-us-softly-4/

English 101

“Killing Us Softly” Discussion Questions

1.  What is the main argument presented by Jean Kilbourne in this speech?

2.  List two examples she uses to support the claims she makes. How effective are those examples in strengthening the impact of her argument?

3.  In the fourth paragraph, Kilbourne says, “So no wonder we have an epidemic of eating disorders in our country and increasingly throughout the world.” What specifically is she suggesting is the cause of this epidemic?

4.   In the final paragraph, Kilbourne says, “These are all public health problems that affect us all and public health problems can only be solved by changing the environment.” Identify two or three possible changes to “the environment” and explain how they might be effective in solving the public health problems Kilbourne discusses.

"Body Evolution" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKQdwjGiF-s

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