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  1. Concluding Essay

At the end of the internship students will write a 3-6-page essay reflecting on their internship experience. In the paper, students should reflect on the internship experience as a whole and highlight major takeaways. The essay should describe, analyze, and evaluate the experience. It should do more than merely describe what you did; it should show that you have thought carefully about your experience and are familiar with issues important in the field. The paper should be an overall evaluation of your experience. Questions to guide the paper are: What were your goals for this internship? Did you meet them? Was the internship entirely satisfying? What did you learn? Evaluate the internship as an educational experience and discuss next steps and future goals, including plans for certification or licensure).

NOTE: Do not include any information in your portfolio that could be used to identify a client.

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Internship Reflection



Concluding essay
I anticipated that I would apply all of my theoretical knowledge into practice during my
internship. Instead, I was surprised that I found myself doing some research on how to handle
different clients. This gave me the impression that what I had learned in class is not entirely
enough for successful professional practice. I was happy to understand that most of the
theoretical philosophical knowledge was paramount in handling different people and varying
situations. One of my core goals was to apply the knowledge learned from class to real-life
situations of solving issues. I wanted to weigh my professionalism based on the challenges faced
in real life. I had all deliberations to solve some of the problems that I could come across. I have
always wanted to be a problem solver. The internship was my first ground to showcase my
problem-solving skills.
I am thrilled that I could apply my impeccable communication skills to approach and
connect with patients. Before the internship, I was aware that without excellent communication
skills, it would be difficult for me to deal with different clients. Things did not tu...

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