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Module 01 Current Event Analysis - Crime and Violence Module 01 Content 1. Crime and Violence Part 1: Research Conduct some independent research. Using scholar resources, locate an article about a current event related to crime and violence that has affected your community. Part 2: Reflect In a minimum of two-pages (not counting the title page and reference page) address the following: o o o o o Offer a one (1) paragraph synopsis of the article. Identify if this event is something that is common in your community or more of an isolated incident? Discuss if it is something that is common in your community, what strategies would you suggest be implemented in your community to combat it? Address if it is a rare occurrence and why do you believe it happened? Explain how you would advocate for your client if they were the victim in this situation? Use professional language including complete sentences and proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout your paper. Be sure to cite any research sources in APA format. If you need assistance with APA format, refer to this Library and Learning Services APA Guide.
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The article looks at the relationship between coronavirus and substance abuse in the
community. According to research, there has been a significant increase in the rates of substance
abuse during the coronavirus pandemic. Substance abuse is reported as a common way of coping
with mental health issues directly influenced by the onset of the virus. It is essential to note that
the coronavirus pandemic has affected people across different aspects. For instance, some people
have been laid off from work, the movement has been restricted, and countries have lost a
significant number of people. This is not limited to my community. The impact has been
significant and has increasingly influenced drug and substance abuse, which is a violation of
both state and federal laws.
The community has had issues with crime and violence before. However, the rate is
constantly increasing, especially during this period. There have been reported cases of theft and
burglary, including rape and murder. It is vital to note that drug and substance abuse is a criminal
act that influences other c...

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