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Complete the third deliverable for Course Project. This week, you will need to provide an annotated bibliography for the final paper. The annotated bibliography should consist of 10 properly formatted references and a brief one paragraph summary of the content from each source.attached are the first two assignments Completed in regards to this project.

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Running head: TERRORISM 1 Terrorism Timothy Jones JADM 470 DeVry University 3/4/2017 TERRORISM 2 Terrorism Terrorism has remained a threat to most countries in the world. There are negative impacts associated with terrorism that have made countries join hands in fighting against terrorists. Some causes of terrorism are associated with revenge while other are of unknown causes. There are millions of people in different countries who have suffered the consequences of terrorism acts and some have had permanent marks in their lives (Netanyahu, 2001). Terrorism is thus an act that has called for global attention on ways through which its eradication can be successfully achieved. Armies have remained on the ground trying to fight against terrorists and protecting citizens against the risks posed by terrorism activities. Terrorism acts have led to the need of having states apply methods of curbing the effects associated with it as well as developing methods of eradicating the act. The reason why I chose this topic is based on the fact that I have lost close people including family members through terrorist attacks in my country. The pain of having lost innocent people with the government having no definite explanation of the cause of their deaths has remained a research topic in my life (Law, 2009). I would find it an achievement where measures are put in place regarding fighting against terrorists who lead to destruction of property, loss of lives and deteriorating economy in different states. Additionally, terrorism has made children suffer where their parents are victims of the attacks making their lives unsatisfying. Governments are also affected as their expenses are raised in their efforts to fight terrorists (Silke, 2003). There are different states that have come together to fight against terrorism but their efforts are still unknown on whether they will be successful. Terrorism acts are unavoidable as they take place when least expected. As a result, TERRORISM 3 people whose lives are affected by previous terrorist attacks live in fear that some other will take place. TERRORISM 4 References Netanyahu, B. (2001). Fighting terrorism: How democracies can defeat the international terrorist network. New York: Farrar Straus Giroux. Law, R. D. (2009). Terrorism: A history. Cambridge: Polity Press. Silke, A. (2003). Terrorists, victims, and society: Psychological perspectives on terrorism and its consequences. Chichester, West Sussex, England: Wiley. Description Points Your Points Properly formatted title page 10 10 One page topic description 20 20 References to 3 outside sources 10 10 Total 40 40 Running head: OUTLINE 1 Outline Timothy Jones DeVry University JADM 470 3/10/2017 OUTLINE 2 Outline for the paper Abstract This is a brief discussion on what the entire paper will focus on including all the issues surrounding terrorism. The section will briefly introduce what each part of the paper will cover. An overview of the paper will be important in allowing the reader learns what he expects from the paper. Introduction This is a section focusing on what terrorism is and how an occurrence is known as either a terrorist act or not. The section will also identify some of the places where terrorism has had major effects. The part will also consist of the thesis statement of the paper explaining the details of the paper in different aspects of terrorism in the world. History The background information on terrorism will be expounded stating where terrorism originated. The cities mostly affected by terrorism will be looked into and the terrorism in history that left the world in shock will also be examined. All information pertaining to why terrorism exists in the world will be looked into and a detailed account of some major terrorist attacks will be identified. Causes of terrorism • Ethno- nationalism- having a group in a given state resisting the rule of a government. Such a group can form an alliance that will work against the government through terrorist attacks. OUTLINE • 3 Alienation/discrimination- when a group of people feel discriminated and inferior in a given state, they will focus on implementing revenge measures. Discrimination may be based on religion, culture, races and nation of origin. • Religion- There are some religious beliefs that facilitate the act of terrorism. Reviving the glory of some religions has led to terrorist acts being facilitated and becoming common all over the world. • Socio-economic status- there are some groups of people who find it hard to move upwards in their social status which leads to them becoming violent and revengeful. Globalization has also facilitated the growth of terrorist acts all over the world with a high rate. • Political grievances- lack of political order may lead to groups forming and becoming violent in different states. Some leadership styles used in the government may also facilitate terrorist acts where citizens are against them. Effects of terrorism • Political- focuses on what terrorism does to political systems of nations affected. It is more likely that the political stability of a given state will be negatively impacted on by acts of terrorism. Governments may fear facing the terrorist challenges making their reign collapse. • Economical- destruction of property and death of working people leads to deterioration of the economy. Governments also spend large amounts of money in fighting against OUTLINE 4 terrorists. Some economic sectors such as tourism are affected by terrorism leading to decreased income in the affected nations. • Security policies- some terrorist attacks are focused on attacking the security systems of different states leading to inefficiency and ineffectiveness of security policies. Alteration of the security policies leads to unsure safety of citizens in a given state. • Social- terrorist attacks lead to deaths of parents for many children which then leads to suffering of these children as they have no person to take care of their needs. Other people get permanent injuries during attacks making their lives hard as they may never have the ability to work as before. Combating terrorism • Increase security measures- security policies should implemented to ensure that all incoming visitors in a state are thoroughly checked. • Understand the strategies used by terrorists- the measure will enable security systems formulate policies that will overcome the terrorist strategies. • Fight against those who fund terrorists- some groups of people and organizations fund terrorists in their activities making them strong. Conclusion A summary of all the topics covered in the paper. Recommendations will also be stated in this section. References A list of sources from where information presented in the paper is derived. OUTLINE 5 Description Points Your Points A properly formatted outline 20 20 A comprehensive outline that addresses key points 40 40 A brief summary of key points for all main topics addressed in the outline 20 20 Total 80 80
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Running Head: Terrorism Annotation

Terrorism Annotation
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Terrorism Annotation
Chalk, P. (2008). The maritime dimension of international security: Terrorism, piracy, and
challenges for the United States. Santa Monica, CA: RAND.
The objectives of terrorist groups or organizations are to create an emotional impact
through their criminal activities. The United States has encountered several terrorist attacks for
decades. Some of the types of targets used by organized crime organizations and terrorist include
the following. Firstly, terrorist uses economic targets such as the invasion of the World Trade
Centre, Financial Institutions, and oil companies among others. The main aim is to destabilize
the economy through demolitions of industrial facilities. Second, the terrorists use political
targets to threaten the ruling government. For example, when the former United States President,
George Bush was in power, he was the main terrorist target. Political targets are directly linked
the ruling government thus assassination of leader may lead to adverse effects on the economy.
Lastly but not the least, the terrorists and organized crime organizations use educational and
ecological targets to threaten the government. Educational institutions such as Universities are
soft targets that terrorists may use to accomplish their missions. Some of the tactics used by
terrorized and organized crime organizations include kidnappings, bombings, hijackings, armed
assaults, assassinations, and barricade-hostage incidences.
James, Paul; Friedman, Jonathan (2006). Globalization and Violence, Vol. 3: Globalizing
War and Intervention. London: Sage Publications. p. xxx.; and Nairn, Tom; James, Paul
(2005). Global Matrix: Nationalism, Globalism and State-Terrorism. London and New
York: Pluto Press.
In order to fight any terrorist group, on must know its structures. Two major structures
form crime groups. These include hierarchical and network structure. Well established terrorist
organizations use hierarchical structures while new groups inherit network model. The

Terrorism Annotation
hierarchical structure is mainly followed by terrorist groups that engage in political activities to
help coordinate violence. For example, the Islamic terrorist organizations that are state supported
absorbs a region struc...

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