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I need to get detailed step by step solutions and answers to all TEN homework challenge problems. I am mentoring a college student but she needs help with this assignment. I have been out of college for 19 years. It is due at 9:00PM (Central Standard Time) on Wednesday, 3/29/17. She must show her step by step work for solving the problems. The answer must be accurate to correct significant figures. The professor insists that he must be able to follow each step by step problem solving scratch work for each question to duplicate the answer given at the end of the work shown.

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Chern 1110 Name __________________ *Please observe constants and equations on the board as well as the Periodic Table for guidance. Show your work for all questions requiring a calculation.* 1. Match the following: Description 1. !JH is negative 2. A value (i.e. temperature, density) that depends only on its present condition, not a particular history of a sample. 3. an insoluble solid formed out of mixing two solutions. 4. product of negated pressure and change in volume 0 5. 2Na ~ 2NaCI + Cl2 ~ 2NaCI 7. CsH120s(s) Answer Concept a. precipitate b. nonelectrolyte c. work d. oxidizing agent e. state function f. reducing agent g. exothermic 2. What is the root-mean square velocity of Xe in a container at 501 K? Which gaseous species experiences more collisions over time, Xe or gaseous 12 at this temperature? Justify your answer mathematically. 3. Determine and predict which reactions produce a precipitate and write their product(s) and ions. If no reaction (precipitate) or the reaction is not balanced, state as appropriate. Cite all relevant solubility rules to justify your answer. a. Ba(N03)2(aq) + 2 Hl(aq) ~ b. MnCJ2(aq) + Na2C03(aq) ~ c. Na2C03(aq) + MgCJ2(aq) ~ 4. Calculate the standard enthalpy of formation of solid Mg(OH)2, given the following data: 2Mg(s) + 02(g) ~ 2Mg0(s); iJH = -1203.6 kJ Mg(OH)2(s> ~ Mg0(s) + H20(J); iJH = +37.1 kJ 2H2(g) + 02(g) ~ 2H20(1); iJH = -571.7 kJ 5. Ammonium sulfate, (NH4)2S04, can be prepared by reacting ammonia with sulfuric acid: Calculate the volume of aqueous NH3 solution (25% w/w in H20, boiling point = 311 K) required to react with 83 kg of H2S04 at 15.6 atm at 315 K. 6. A sample compound of Hg and Cl is soluble in water. An excess of AgN03 was added to precipitate the chloride ion as AgCI. If a 37.2 g sample of the compound yielded 36.3 g AgCI as a precipitate, what is the chemical formula of the sample compound? 7. For the decomposition of liquid benzene, CsHs(l), to gaseous acetylene, C2H2(g): a. What is the enthalpy change for the reverse reaction? b. What is the enthalpy change for the decomposition of 141.3 ml of benzene (MW 78.00 g/mol, d 0876 g/ml) to acetylene? = = 8. Consider the following balanced equation below: a. Find the LJ.H for the reaction below, given the following reactions and subsequent LJ.H values: N2(g) + 3H2{g) ~ 2NH3(g); LJ.H = -46 kJ b. How much NH3 gas will be produced in volume, when 72 kJ of energy is released from the system at 4.2 atm pressure and 371 K? c. What is the mass of hydrazine, N2H4(1), required to produce the amount of ammonia gas from question b? 9. Iodine pentafluoride, IFs, can be prepared by the reaction of solid iodine and gaseous fluorine: b(s) + 5f2(g) ? 21fs(g) A 5.00-L flask containing 10.5 g 12 is charged with 3.70 g F2, and the reaction proceeds until one of the reagents is completely consumed. After the reaction is complete, the temperature of the flask is 396 K. a. What is the partial pressure of IFs in the flask? b. What is the mole fraction of IFs in the flask? 10. A stock solution of 0.272 M HgCI2 is needed to make a 25-ml aqueous solution containing 725 ppm Cl- ion. What volume of the stock solution is required to make the 725 ppm Cl- ion aqueous solution? Assume water is 1.00 g/ml. r ! ...
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