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when load testing a battery the load applied to the battery should be ?


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This is something you can't really do yourself, so you need to take your vehicle to a service facility that has the proper test equipment. The battery's condition can be determined one of two ways: with a carbon pile "load test" (that applies a calibrated load to the battery) or electronically with a special tester that measures the battery's internal resistance.

Equipment that uses a carbon pile for load testing requires the battery to be at least 75% charged. If the battery is less than 75% charged, a good battery may fail the test. So the state of charge must be checked first, and the battery recharged if it is low prior to testing. NOTE: The battery does NOT have to be fully charged prior to testing if an electronic tester that measures internal resistance is being used.

If load testing with a carbon pile, apply a load that is equal to half the battery's cold cranking amps (CCA) rating. A good battery should be able to supply half its CCA rating for fifteen seconds without dropping below 9.5 volts.

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