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Week 3 discussion


  1. The physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed quoted in Scientific American states that ”Despite all this, I don’t want scientists to abandon their talk of beauty. Anything that inspires scientific thinking is valuable…” Let’s take part in some of that valuable thinking. Do some research and discuss one aspect of nature that you find beautiful. How is the science in this enhance its beauty?
  2. Take a moment today to look outside and notice the nature that is around you. Find one aspect that is beautiful and inspires awe. In what ways is science and the art of nature compatible? What thoughts do you have as you take notice of the nature’s beauty around you?
  3. Does the beauty of nature motivate a desire to conserve its biodiversity? What are some other reasons we should seek to steward the vast variety we see on planet earth?

Week 4 discussion


Here are some questions to consider in your discussion of the topic of Energy use in the 21st century:

  • Is ethanol a good alternative to petroleum fuels? And is using corn to produce ethanol the right method?
  • Where do you think we will be in 50 years on this issue?
  • Find a reference that discusses an alternative fuel. Tell us what the article says about it and include your article as a reference.

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Week 3 discussion
The aspect of nature that I find beautiful is the sun. The sun rises and illuminates the
earth to give it light during the day. The sun makes the day bright, and people perceive it as a
source of natural pleasure (Pimm et al., 2018). The science in the sun is that its light activates the
body to release serotonin in the brain. The beauty of this science is that serotonin boosts mood
and enables a person to be calm.
The trees are an aspect of nature that is beautiful and inspires awe. The movement of
trees with different colors ...

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