7 Page Term Paper on Metabolism Relating to Homeostasis

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***Cannot show more than 25% plagiarism (this means even if you cite your sources, your writing must be in your own words) ***

-Times New Roman & Double-spaced

-12pt font

-1 in. margins

- 3 Sources Needed

- APA or MLA

- 7 page minimum

•Describe your topic in detail, including the gross anatomy, cytology, histology, organization, and general structure.

•Describe in detail the physiology of the topic, including metabolic reactions, cellular processes, tissue interactions, development, hormonal control, feedback loops, neural control, etc.

•Explain how the topic contributes to maintain homeostasis in the body and the impact it has on the functions of other structures and organs.

•Pretend you work in an advanced lab that is trying to enhance the human body.

•Describe two modifications that could be made to the topic to improve its function.

•Explain how each modification changes the anatomy and subsequently changes the physiology of the system to enhance its function.

•Explain how the improvements impact homeostasis of the entire body and how other structures in the body are affected.

Final Answer


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The Central nervous system
The human body is made up of various systems, which plays a crucial role in ensuring that
an individual is positively functioning well. All the system and the structures within a human body
have linked functionality, which ensures that there is a positive communication to enable an
individual to have a normal life. These processes inside the body are very complex and require
critical understanding to understand the major issues involved. The nervous system forms a key
part of the human structure and plays an integral role in ensuring that there is the better
functionality of the human body. It is responsible for producing, controlling and guiding human
thoughts and behavior about the world environment. Therefore this paper will provide a detailed
analysis of the structure functionality and the impact the central nervous system plays in ensuring
that a human body is well functioning.
The central nervous system as the name suggests forms the central system in the body that
controls the human mind and body as well as establishing the link between human behavior and
mind. The major components that make up the central nervous system include the brain and spinal
cord. These two organs are very critical in human wellbeing since they dictate special
functionalities within the human body. They play a crucial role in ensuring transmission and
interpretation of sensory impulses. The perception that human being beings have about a certain
phenomenon is mainly developed because of significant interpretation of the signals that are
presented to the body. The brain plays a crucial role in ensuring that the signals received are
converted into readable content to build an understanding. Thus, the brain aligns and integrates

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different body functions such as thought processes, movements, emotions, homeostasis among
other key processes in the human body (Reni, 26).
The spinal cord, on the other hand, plays a crucial role as channels through which signals
are transmitted to and from the brain and to other parts of the body. Thus, the spinal cord acts as a
vital linkage between the brain and the rest of the body. Perfect working of the spinal cord ensures
that an individual has a well-functioning body structure free from signal transmission issues. The
spinal cord is also responsible for all the reflex actions in the body, which are triggered by the
skeletal muscles. Thus, the central nervous system is very crucial to human body performance, and
thus bet...

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