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basiclly google and read fisrt about the solya program the i need you to answer these question with easy words so i can understand i do have all of the information please if you do not know or you do not understand ask me : when you are answering talk about globalization . there is no specific pages just answer the questions . please if there is something you do not know ask me please i will be answering

1.Describe what you know about SOLIYA and what you know about the participants in your group.
2 - Based on what you know, what do you expect SOLIYA participants have in common?
3- How do you expect that different social locations will influence the way SOLIYA participants speak
and see the world?4. How does social location affect the way participants are seen? [Note: your social
location is determined by your membership in social groups and overall position in the world.]
5 - What do you expect to get out of participating in the SOLIYA Compact Connect program?

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The SOLIYA Program
Question #1
SOLIYA is a multicultural organization that facilitates social interaction between students from
different religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds across the world. Their major program, the
SOLIYA Connect, aims at bridging the sociocultural gap between university students from areas
like Europe, North Africa, Middle East, and the US (UNAOC). Participants are granted the
opportunity to air their viewpoints and opinions concerning the current global issues that have
impact on their generation. They mainly communication through the modern web-conferencing
technologies, thus, beating the challenge of the vast distances between them.
Question #2
Participants of this program...

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