Chemical equilibrium?

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A mixture consisting of 1 mol of H2O(g) and

1 mol CO(g) is placed in a 8 L reaction vessel

at 800 K. At equilibrium, 0.361 mol CO2(g)

is present as a result of the reaction

CO(g) + H2O(g) ⇀↽ CO2(g) + H2(g).

What is Kc at 800 K?

Jan 20th, 2015

Initially you have 1 mole of H2O and CO, and 0 moles of CO2 and H2.
At equilibrium, 0.361 moles of CO2 formed, so 0.361 moles of H2 would have formed also. (because of ratio of CO2 and H2 is 1:1)

If 0.361 moles formed, then 0.361moles of H2O and CO must have reacted.
To find the moles at equilibrium, subtract initial moles by moles reacted.

Initially: 1 mol H2O
Amount reacted: 0.361 mol
Equilibrium moles: 1 - 0.361= 0.639 mol

Same goes for CO.

Plug the equilibrium moles into the Kc formula:

[Products] / [Reactants]

( 0.361 * 0.361) / (0.639 * 0.639) = 0.319

Kc = 0.319


Jan 21st, 2015

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Jan 20th, 2015
Jan 20th, 2015
Dec 6th, 2016
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