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Unformatted Attachment Preview Password: Zxy1121762114 Website: Mystatlab After u login choose econ and press assignment on the left. Then u can find homework 8 5 questions I left. And finish it by deadline plz. Thank u.
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HW 8 - Hypothesis testing for the Mean

Question 5.
The manager of a paint supply store wants to determine whether the mean amount of paint
contained in 1-gallon cans purchased from a nationally known manufacturer is actually 1 gallon. You
know from the manufacturer's specifications that the standard deviation of the amount of paint is
0.02 gallon. You select a random sample of 55 cans, and the mean amount of paint per 1-gallon can
is 0.993 gallon. Complete parts (a) through (d) below.
a. Is there evidence that the mean amount is different from 11.0 gallon? (Use α = 0.05.) Let μ be the
population mean. Determine the null hypothesis, H0, and the alternative hypothesis, H1.
H0: μ = 1
H1: μ ≠ 1
What is the test statistic...

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