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Project Description: Part 1 Some entrepreneurs find success by being a first mover and some find success by being a fast follower. Fast Follower - A company that quickly imitates the innovations of its competitors. First Mover – A company that gains a competitive advantage by being the first to bring a new product or service to the market. For Project, do some online research to name and describe the strategies of a company that was successful as a startup being a first mover. Then, contrast this with a company that was successful being a fast follower. Consider marketing strategies, competitive environments, and barriers to entry that each company overcame. Summarize your research findings in your own words and write at least 250 words. Part 2 View the Scientific American magazine article from November 2014 that featured five of the largest software failures in history 5 Most Embarrassing Software Bugs in History : http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/pogue-5-most-embarrassing-software-bugs-in-history/ Select one of the failures from the article and describe, in your own words, why failure of management, and the lack of behaving as a learning organization led to these unfortunate mishaps. Questions to consider: • • • What could have management done differently? How could the problem have been avoided? Do you think the company responded to the problem in a timely and appropriate manner? Write at least 250 words.
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Part 1
The contrast between Amazon and Apple
Amazon is an example of a first-mover company since it introduced the first online
bookstore when it was founded. Amazon became very successful as a first-mover since its
marketing strategy ensured its customers have the best experience using the platform (Hietala,
2017). In addition, since it was founded, its focus has been creating value for its customers. On
the other hand, Apple is an example of a company that was a fast follower and has become very
successful over the years in creating innovations in the technology sector. Apple’s marketing
strategies involves assisting the consumers and making them comfortable using their products
rather than selling and padding the products down on customers (Dave, 2018). Furthermore, this
is because they have created an intelligent retail setup in all of their stores.
Amazon’s competitive environment is very stiff since it faces h...

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