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Using the concepts and ideas in Tutorials 1-9 in Lau and Chan (2017), write an essay in response to the following prompts.

  • Briefly define the Scientific Method using the Lau and Chan text.
  • Where have you made assumptions or drawn inferences on an important issue regardless of data or evidence to the contrary?
  • Analyze how you could improve your critical reasoning on this issue by using tools from the scientific method or statistical reasoning.
  • Provide a peer-reviewed example to add further support to the reasoning on your issue.

Lau, J., & Chan, J. (2017). Scientific methodology: Tutorials 1-9.

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The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method
Science is one of the most successful enterprises that humans have managed to develop.
Studying scientific methods is used as a way of evaluating and discerning the activities by which
humanity has managed to achieve scientific successes (Hepburn & Andersen, 2021). Some of the
commonly identified activities as features of science are experimentation and observation,
deductive and inductive reasoning, and the development and testing of hypotheses and theories.
There is a variance in the manner in which these can be carried out comprehensively, but it is
these features that are considered to be the best suited as a method of differentiating between
scientific and non-science activity. For an enterprise to be considered scientific, it must use some
canonical form of scientific method or methods (Hepburn & Andersen, 2021). The hypotheticaldeductive method is an example of an approach that can be used to evaluate the viability of a
theory or a hypothesis, even though for this to happen, the hypothesis must fulfill one critical
As mentioned above, testing theories and hypotheses is a critical part of science. The
hypothetical-deductive method is a critical tool for testing theories and hypotheses. In some
cases, it is referred to as the scientific method (Lau & Chan, 2017). Whereas it is not the only
method used in scientific research, the hypothetical deductive method remains to be one of the
best tools due to the fact that it is one of the fundamental methods that apply to a majority of
scientific disciplines, including biochemistry physics, and economics. The hypotheticaldeductive method consists of four key steps (Lau & Chan, 2017). The first step is identifying the
hypothesis that one wants to test. The second step is generating predictions from the premise,
followed by using experiments to examine whether predictions are correct. The last step is the

confirmation of the hypothesis if the predictions are correct (Lau & Chan, 2017). If this is not the
case, then the hypothesis should be disconfirmed.
For one to use the hypothetical-deductive method, the hypothesis must first fulfill one
key condition. This condition is that the scientific hypothesis must be testable (Lau & Chan,
2017). The hypothetical-deductive method guides people on how to test a hypothesis, and there,
a scientific hypothesis ...

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