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  • Offer a one (1) paragraph synopsis of the article.
  • Identify if this event is something that is common in your community or more of an isolated incident?
  • Discuss if it is something that is common in your community, what strategies would you suggest be implemented in your community to combat it?
  • Address if it is a rare occurrence and why do you believe it happened?
  • Explain how you would advocate for your client if they were the victim in this situation?

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Poverty in Central Florida

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Poverty is very much common in Central Florida. The state is beautiful with wellstructured buildings; however, so many residents suffer from poverty. The poverty level in Central
Florida is already an issue, and people are living below that poverty level since their earn less than
the standard level (Wright et al., 2017). The minimum wage is also low, and people with less
education who cannot qualify for well-paying jobs have to receive those minimum wages, which
are not even enough to sustain the households (Wright et al., 2017). The government also puts
fewer efforts on those people living below poverty levels (Lipman, 2018). People who ...

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