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Professional Platform for Ethics and Leadership

The role of the health care professional includes being a moral agent or a person whose actions affect themselves and others at a moral level. It is important to have a personal ethic or moral framework in which you ground your practice and professional relationships. The purpose of this assignment is to explore and create a foundation for leadership and ethics in your professional practice.

Write a reflection on the nature, sources, and implications of your values, beliefs, and ethical perspectives that guide your personal life and nursing practice. Please note, grading is based on the clarity and depth of your writing and the apparent effort given the assignment, not on the rightness or wrongness of your position. You are encouraged to be honest in your self-assessment and conclusions.

Each of the following points must be addressed in your essay:

  • Primary influences (childhood and adult)
  • Ethical principles that influence you personally and professionally
  • Ethical practice of professional nursing
  • Ethical leadership and professional development plan. Include both positive and negative aspects of your character that emerge when you are in a position of authority

Testbook: Weiss, S. A. & Tappen, R. M. (2015). Essentials of nursing leadership and management (6th ed.). F.A. Davis Company. Read chapters 3 & 4

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Professional Platform for Ethics and Leadership


Professional Platform for Ethics and Leadership
Values provide a sense of direction for people when taking actions, making decisions,
and dealing with situations at different stages of their lives. As a concept that helps understand us
our feelings and thoughts about people, events, and things, values are influenced by different
factors at various stages of our lives. Also, the value that is placed on things and people changes
as people pass through the different stages of their lifespan development. For example, a child
who places great recreational value on action figures might consider their financial value when
collecting them as an adult. The development of our value system is not only influenced by our
environment, relationships, education, and family upbringing but its role in the formation of our
morals and ethical perspectives. As a result, the professional platform that supports nurses'
ethical practices is linked to their individual values that were developed through childhood and
adult influences and nurtured through their alignment with the nursing code of ethics.
Primary Influences on Values
People make inferences from the information that exists in the experiences that occur at
different stages of their lifespan development. The appropriate use of this information is
considered one of the influencing factors on their decision-making, application of knowledge,
and problem-solving capabilities. Similarly, the set of values for guiding people's actions and
decisions have both primary and second influences during both childhood and adulthood.
According to Weiss and Tappen (2015), children are known to create their core values by
modeling the behaviors of their parents and teachers through the continuous reinforcements that
exist in their daily interactions. Therefore, it is important for them to reflect on how these
influences have shaped their thoughts about what is important or not in their lives.

The primary influences on my values during childhood were my family, educational
system, and community. Regarding the family's influence on my values, my parents played a
major role in the development of the attitudes and beliefs that shape my value system. In this
regard, the interactions and expectations that they had for me in academics and social behaviors
contributed to my views of the world and the significance of my role in its growth and
development. For example, the value that I place on discipline is influenced by parents' emphasis
on our adherence to their strict daily routines for academic and curricular activities. Also, the
knowledge that was derived from these daily interactions with them until early adulthood helped
shaped my self-worth and confidence to identify ways to solve issues. The school system also
had adults who influenced my attitude towards task completion, which helped me to consider
excellence and duty as core values for making decisions and taking actions under different
circumstances. Hence, my parents and school were the major primary influences on the value
system that defines my attitude and behav...

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