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I have attached two different journals and one student story, you have to answer each journal and question separately. thanks and let me know about any quastions

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1. Describe a time when you felt disrespected. Present the experience as if it is a scene from a novel. Describe the setting where the event took place. Explain who was there. Show what they did and said. Explain how you felt. 2. Describe the same experience a second time, but this time revise what people said and did in a way that would have left you feeling fully respected. In this revision of history, have everyone speak and behave in ways that would have changed the outcomes and experiences for the better, leaving you feeling fully respected. Saying “no” is another tool of the assertive Creator. When I think of the power of saying “no,” I think of Monique. One day after class she took a deep breath, sighed, and told me she was exhausted. She complained that everyone at her job kept bringing her tasks to do. As a result, she had virtually no social life, and she was falling behind in college. She wanted advice on how to manage her time better. “Sounds like you’re working 60 hours a week and doing the work of two people,” I observed. She nodded modestly. “Here’s an outrageous thought: The next time someone at work brings you more to do, say ‘no.’” “That sounds so rude.” “Okay then, say, ‘I’m sorry, but my schedule is full, and I won’t be able to do that.” “What if my boss asks? I can’t say ‘no’ to her.” “You can say, ‘I’ll be glad to take that on. But since I have so many projects already, I’ll need you to give one of them to someone else. That way I’ll have time to do a good job on this new project.” Monique agreed to experiment with saying “no.” The next time I saw her, she was excited. “I sent my boss a memo telling her I had too much work and I couldn’t take on the latest project she had assigned me. Before I’d even talked to her about the memo, one of my coworkers came by. He said our boss had sent him to take over some of my projects. Not only did I not get the new project, I got rid of two others. I just might be able to finish this semester after all.” Monique’s voice had a power that hadn’t been there before. With one “no” she had transformed herself from exhausted to exhilarated. That’s the power of a Creator being assertive. In this activity, you will explore assertiveness. This powerful way of being creates great results, strengthens relationships, and builds self-esteem. 1. Make a choice—write about one of the following (A or B): A. Write three different responses to the instructor described in the following situation. Respond to the instructor by (1) placating, (2) blaming, and (3) leveling. For an example of this exercise, refer to the dialogues in the section above titled “Leveling.” Situation: You register for a course required in your major. It is the last course you need to graduate. When you go to the first class meeting, the instructor tells you that your name is NOT on the roster. The course is full, and no other sections of the course are being offered. You’ve been shut out of the class. The instructor tells you that you’ll have to postpone graduation and return next semester to complete this required course. Remember, in each of your three responses, you are writing what you would actually say to the instructor—first as a placator, second as a blamer, and third as a leveler. B. Think about one of your most challenging academic goals. Decide who could help you with this goal. Write a letter to this person and request assistance. You can decide later whether or not you will send the letter. Here are some possibilities to include in your letter: • • • • • • • Tell the person your most challenging academic goal for this semester. Explain how this goal is a stepping stone to your dream. Describe your dream and explain its importance to you. Identify your obstacle, explaining it fully. Discuss how you believe this person can help you overcome your obstacle. Admit any reluctance or fear you have about asking for assistance. Request exactly what you would like this person to do for you and persuade him or her to give you helpful assistance. Remember, for effective requests, use the DAPPS rule. 2. Write what you have learned or relearned about being assertive. How assertive have you been in the pursuit of your goals and dreams? How has this choice affected your self-esteem? What changes do you intend to make in communicating (placating, blaming, leveling), making requests, and saying “no”? Be sure to dive deep! Student story 19 I returned fall quarter feeling broken. I had hoped some time off would help my marriage and my mental state. But I felt exhausted and overwhelmed. I barely slept or ate. I was grinding my teeth and having nightmares. In class, I daydreamed because I didn’t really want to be there. I already have a bachelor’s degree from Wilmington College, but I’m back in school because I want to be a nurse. In the past, my GPA has always been high. But because of challenges in my marriage, studying was no longer on my A list. Maybe not even on my B or C list. I had to read an assignment several times to get it, and I was definitely not doing my best work. When I got a C on the first test in Anatomy and Physiology, I panicked. The worst part was pretending everything was okay. I couldn’t ask for help or admit the level of suffering. Not me. Instead, I smiled my best Pollyanna grin and went through the motions to keep up the appearance of a healthy life. I was taking PSYC 1108: College Success because the previous term someone had come into my English class and raved about it. That sounds like a course I could use, I thought. In the first week, I took the self-assessment. Ouch. Kick a girl while she’s down. I scored remarkably low in interdependence. I was shocked that creating a support system was so important. I’d always valued my independent nature. But I knew I had to do something different. I had to start somewhere. So I started by asking for help. At first, it made me feel like vomiting. But it got easier. I trusted On Course and decided there must be benefits to interdependence. With practice, it got more comfortable. Now, it’s wonderful. I began by asking students who were doing well in Anatomy and Physiology to start a study group. We would meet and go over what we covered in class. They told me about strategies they use to memorize all the bones we had to know. We made study cards and I carried them everywhere. I even started asking for help from coworkers at the hospital where I work. I usually did all of the patient charting, but I started asking others to share the task. Next, I practiced the art of saying “no.” I was raised to say “yes,” followed by “please.” Saying “no” took some work. I literally broke out in hives at first. I took allergy medicine and kept trying. I’ve gotten so good at it that now I say it every day, usually followed by “thank you.” My mom is famous for calling me and asking me to pick up something at the store. I finally told her I had to choose activities that were important to my goals, like studying my nursing courses. I even said “no” to cleaning my house all the time. I prefer a clean house, but saying no to cleaning means I can say yes to more important things. The results have been life-changing. I also made a conscious effort to tell people how I truly feel. Living as my authentic, quirky self feels right. Many relationships where I was doing all the work have disappeared. For example, I asked my husband to help more around the house. He got angry at first, but I told him how important it is to me to get help so I can succeed in school and become a nurse. Now he helps more than he used to. I’ve finally made living the life that I want a priority, and the people who really care about me are glad. I am so happy and grateful that I signed up for this course. Also, that I took it seriously and dove deep. I was off course in September, but the New Year is looking brighter. When I got my grades at the end of the quarter, I had all As. My marriage is way better and my husband tells me I’ve changed. He doesn’t say how, but I can tell that he likes me better now. This process didn’t happen overnight. The journal entries were a valuable tool to inspire healing. While writing the journals, I felt very reserved at first. But soon I realized that I had something to say. I was hearing my voice again … my voice! Hearing my voice was like running into an old friend. There was a moment when I giggled. I thought, “I remember you. I like you. Where have you been, my old friend?” 1. Asking for help is hard for many of us, but it’s even harder when our request is denied. Describe a time when you asked for help and the person you asked was either unwilling or unable to help you. How did you feel? Speculate and try to explain why they did not help you. Explain what you did next. 2. Have you ever felt that the pain in your personal life was affecting your ability to succeed in your academic life? Are you struggling with these kinds of emotions right now? Briefly describe your response to the emotional struggle that Amy describes, and write about your personal experience with personal hardship interfering with schoolwork. If this is a past experience, describe how you responded. If you’re currently struggling with similar feelings, write about them and ask yourself what might help you to endure the hardship and rise above or work through it. ...
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Hello, attached is the completed work. Please note that am sending it early to allow you enough time for review so feel free to let me know in case you need anything changed. Otherwise, it is Excellent in content, Zero plagiarism and Perfect grammar! Remember also to rate this tutor well. Am uploading the other task shortly.

1. Describe a time when you felt disrespected. Present the experience as if it is
a scene from a novel. Describe the setting where the event took place. Explain
who was there. Show what they did and said. Explain how you felt.

At a point in life, people go through experiences that may not meet the
expectations of the ones around them. It is a normal this and happens to almost
everyone as long as there are people around them. This is mostly fueled by the
diversity that exists among the society causing different opinions on common
After I had graduated from junior high school, I invited my girlfriend
over for dinner at my parents’ house. At the dinner table, my sister was elder
sister and my younger brother was present as well as my mother. Diner was
served and everyone seemed to have a good time until my dad arrived a little
bit drunk. Ehen he noticed my girlfriend, he was pale on his face so my mum
explained that the visitor was my girlfriend. My dad then began to complain
about how he hated blacks especially women and why he did not want a black
daughter in law in his house. Everyone on the dinner table was angry at his
sentiments and tried to calm him down but he continued to yell at me for
bringing a black girl to the house. My girlfriend was very irritated and ran out
crying and went home, a few blocks away.
This incidence made me feel bad and highly disrespected because my
own father was supposed to respect me and my girlfriend. He had no right of
saying such sentiments before her especially the racist remarks. Even though
he later apologized and blamed it on the alcohol, I have never really forgiven
him for him carelessly lousy words and irresponsible behavior.

2. Describe the same experience a second time, but this time revise what
people said and did in a way that would have left you feeling fully
respected. In this revision of history, have everyone speak and behave in
ways t...

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