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Answer the below question in 500 words:

Q) Why is mobile development difficult? Explain.

Q) How does design & utility make a difference between good vs great websites? Explain

Q) How is deciding between a mobile application vs a mobile website an important consideration by developers? Explain.

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Mobile usage is of great importance in a global society. It has effected significant
changes in the communication and the connectivity of people; thus, interaction made easy.
Despite this, developing it is a challenge to the developers. They are required to make critical
decisions during the development. Therefore, the design and utility of the mobile should be of
high levels.
Mobile development is very much challenging and faces a lot of difficulties. The General
Packet Radio Service (GPRS) setting poses a significant challenge in the development (Gitau,
Marsden & Donner, 2010). All those who use the mobile internet need to match this GPRS
with the ...

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