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incoporate a separate bibliography or "work cited" pages with at least 2 sources and the disease or conditions, diagnosis, prognosis treatment and related facts of lung cancer

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Lung Cancer
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Lung cancer is one of the most widespread diseases which constitute a major public
health issue. The health problem is not common among young adults but it is found among
people from 50 years of age or older. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths as it
claims thousands of lives every year when compared to breast, prostate, and colon cancer. Lung
cancer arises when lung cells divide uncontrollably and end up forming a tumor. The latter are
classified into a number of stages based on whether the cancer is local or based in the lung only
or locally advanced meaning that it already spread to nearby lymph nodes (Brahmer, Julie, et al
2015). The lymph nodes are small organs which take the shape of a bean seed and they assist in
waste and fluid removal as well as help in fighting infections.
Lung cancer can begin anywhere in the lung and occurs when there is abnormal growth
of cells in the lung. The abnormal cells can destroy the surrounding of the lung or any nearby
tissues and develop tumors. Research indicates that cancer can have adverse impacts on the
respiratory system. Lung cancer development is mostly associated with cigarette smoking even
though not all lung cancer patients are smokers. Again, not all cigarette smokers end up suffering
from lung cancer. Pipe, cigar, and cigarette smoking are the greatest risk factors to lung cancer.

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The more the cigarettes consumed, the greater th...

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