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The Eightfold Path and Health Policy Analysis Instructions Impact of drug and substance abuse of the treatment of HIV/ AIDS Apply some of the tools of policy analysis to the major project. Using the Eightfold Path and Weiner’s companion guide, identify Impact of drug and substance abuse of the treatment of HIV/ AIDS a health policy issue of interest and outline the step-by-step approach (i.e., Define the Problem, Assemble Some Evidence, Construct the Alternatives, etc.) by which you would seek to analyze that issue. You may prepare your outline (eight pages in all) in bullet-point format, but must support the elements of your outline in a brief narrative. (Please outline each element on its own page). The outline need not be “final,” but should incorporate a few elements for each of the elements of the Eightfold Path. Do not spend a great deal of time projecting the last two elements – Decide! and Tell Your Story – but at least spell out processes for how you would address those elements. This outline will form the basis of the longer policy analysis paper you will turn in at the end of the course (Module 7). Your topic/ issue analyzed might change by then, but the importance of this assignment is to understand and practice how to do a structured policy analysis following a well-established process. The outline will continue to expand over the rest of this course. Your outline should be approximately 8 pages, in APA Editorial Format with proper reference citations. Unit 5 Outcomes Policy Analysis Tools Program Learning Outcomes PLO 1. Promote community capacity, health, and well-being using results from analysis of health problems, issues, strengths, and the needs of diverse populations. Course Learning Outcomes CLO 1. Categorize and analyze ways of analyzing health problems, issues, strengths, and needs of diverse populations to help bring about community capacity, health, and well-being. (ties to PLO 1) Module Learning Outcomes MLO 2. Assess and articulate broad approaches and theories associated with public policy in the context of healthcare policy. (ties to CLO 1) MLO 3. Evaluate different ways of analyzing public policy in a healthcare context via application of these models. (ties to CLO 1) Part I (‘The Eightfold Path’) and Appendix B & C in Bardach (2014). [eReserve (Links to an external site.)] Collins, T. (2005). Health policy analysis: A simple tool for policymakers. Public Health, 119, 192-196. [eReserve (Links to an external site.)] Coveney, J. (2010, July). Analyzing public health policy: Three approaches. Health Promotion Practice, 11(4), 515-521. [eReserve (Links to an external site.)] Kingdon, J. (2005). The reality of policy making. In L. Churchill, Ethical dimensions of health policy (pp. 97-116). Oxford: Oxford University Press. [eReserve (Links to an external site.)] Weiner, J. (2005). Health policy analysis checklist. Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Video Dow, K. (2013). Kingdon’s three streams. Watch at (Links to an external site.) ...
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Eight-fold path and HIV/AIDS health policy analysis
(Impact of drug and substance abuse of the treatment of HIV/ AIDS)
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The noble eight-fold path which are used in the HIV/AIDS health analysis consist of the
following proponents: define the problem, assembling some evidence, construction of
alternatives, selections of the criteria, projection of the outcomes, confronting of the trade-offs,
decision and last of all telling your story. The procedure clarifies the issue to be solved by the
policy in the start and expounds it to the end where the story is told. The Bardach’s eight-fold
path will be used to scrutinize the problem on the impact of drug and substance abuse of the
treatment of HIV/ AIDS (Walt et al., 2008).
Define the problem
Substance abuse is the unjustified drugs and substances use, these include excessive
consumption of alcohol, and the outcomes of the abuse include medical and physical
impairments. In HIV/AIDS, drugs and substance abuse depicts a chief encouragement in the
spread of the infection. In spite of the virus infecting any individual, the probability of being
infected is significantly higher when a person a drug and substance addict. These threat can be
from the direct interaction with injection needles for drugs and substances or amplified
likelihood for risky activities due to weakened judgment (Everitt & Robbins, 2016).
Substance usage for a person living with the virus weakens their immune system more
hence intensifying the risk of other diseases infecting the body while also aggregating the
possibility of amplified reproduction of HIV in the body (Pierce et al., 2015). The users of
substances and drugs who have HIV/AIDS constantly have irregular treatment due to difficulties
which the substances bring up. Substance users with HIV have a minimal likelihood of going for
effective treatment like in clinics. This absence of treatment selections comes in the mode of



moderately few accommodating rehabilitation amenities to help the infected as well as
insufficient access to antiretroviral therapies as well as hospitals and clinics (Cohn et al., 2016).
Assembling some evidence
This step will involve more collection of the data which will be turned into evidence
(Bardach & Patashnik, 2015).Internationally, there is an estimated three million individuals
living with HIV/AIDS who inject substances and drugs. Inside these people, matters such as late
HIV testing, low interest in the antiretroviral therapy (ART), taking the ARTs irregularly and the
necessity for managing of HIV/AIDS and HIV-relate...

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