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The purpose of this discussion board is to introduce you to scientific journal articles. For your initial post, you will begin reading the article "Does Bad Luck Cause Cancer?" and then follow the instructions in the guidelines below.

Your initial post will contain four parts which are explained below. Please be sure to number each part in your post. Be sure to follow the instructions in the “How to Create a Discussion Board Post” found in the discussion board.

1. Go to the website “Science in the Classroom” and pull up the article “Does Bad Luck Cause Cancer?”: (opens in new window). For this assignment, you will focus only on the ABSTRACT.

2. After reading, summarize the abstract using your own words.

3. List one thing that you found difficult to understand (or are still having difficulty understanding…this is ok! There are times when even scientists struggle with reading parts of an article.) Explain why you found this difficult (i.e. was it terminology, or do you not remember much about cells, etc.).

4. Create a citation for the article (be sure to use the information in the “paper details” section of the website). Feel free to use APA format. If you need a refresher on how to create a citation, please visit the following websites: APA formatting: (opens in new window)

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Tissue Variation and Cancer

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Tissue Variation and Cancer
There are different tissue types, and their variations cause them to have different abilities
to causing cancer. Very few scientists have managed to explain how the variations cause their
differences in occurrences of cancer. This article has provided a study to show precisely how the
variation and differences can show the several risks present in the tissues. Man...

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