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Over the course of the semester, you will be paying attention to the various visual media that you encounter as you go through your day. Start looking at all those marketing messages out there. Each week, you'll pick out the images that strike you in some way and then discuss them, providing detail as to why the image(s) stood out to you. I will also give you prompts to help you through some of the entries, but for the most part you'll be on your own, exploring your own aesthetic and design sense.

For this first journal, think about the kinds of visuals you like. How do you decorate your home/bedroom/dorm/apartment? What colors do you like? Do you like hard angles or soft edges? Vibrant, happy faces glowing out at the world, or perhaps scenes from nature, calling you to step into the image and explore the frontier? What do you like? Take this opportunity and discuss your aesthetic sense and determine what you find appealing. Each entry will run at least 500 words/5 paragraphs.

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Visual Media
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Visual Media

Visual media represents a colloquial expression that uses visual elements such as
drawings and animations to convey different information and ideas. Individuals tend to respond
more to visual elements compared to words. The aspect of visual media explains why people are
more glued to Facebook and Instagram, which contains more graphics than words. The brain also
processes visuals at high speed, thus making it the best way to convey messages (Huang et al.,
2014). Colors speak volumes, and people like painting their houses with different ...

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