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only NO.17 topic. (Pros and cons of free health care implementation.) plz write 5 page! thank you, any question ask me!!!!!!

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AMERICAN GOVERNMENT The following is a suggested list of creative term paper ideas. You can write on any other topic of your choosing. 1. Government policies and their impact on social inequality 2. Immigration policies – Federal and state issues 3. The religious aspect of the U.S. government. 4. Government policy towards outsourcing and its consequences for U.S. citizens. 5. A right to pray in school: invasion on other people’s privacy or protection of your own? 6. A study on the Second Amendment: a blessing or a curse? 7. Should the Electoral College system be replaced by direct voting? 8. U.S. government policy towards freedom of speech in modern society. 9. Church and government interconnections and their influence on society morals. 10. Foreign U.S. government policy: words or guns? 11. New Technology and Criminal Justice. 12. The Criminal Justice system, meeting victims’ needs 13. Computer Science in Criminal Justice. 14. School Security and Criminal Justice. 15. U.S. drinking age policy. 16. The advantages and disadvantages of U.S. policy towards marijuana legalization. 17. Pros and cons of free health care implementation. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Papers are to be typed, 1 and ½ spacing, 12 fonts (Times New Roman) with one-inch margins all the way around. A cover page is required. All pages should be numbered. Papers should be between 5-8 pages, excluding your cover page and annotated bibliography page. The annotated bibliography needs to include the following: A. A summary of the source being used B. An evaluation of the source for relevance to your project C. An evaluation of the source for reliability A copy of how to write an annotated bibliography can be found on ulearn. You must have in-text citations. 2. Annotated bibliography of at least three sources EXCLUDING Wikipedia and/or any other encyclopedias. Be sure to properly cite the material you present. You must have at least one quote from each source. 3. Staple your papers in the upper-left hand corner. No folders or binders please! 4. Make sure to use specific references to the reading to support the points you try to make (this makes for a much more convincing paper). Footnotes should be used as needed. 5. Papers are due during class time WEEK NINE MW class WEDNESDAY MAY 3,2017 - Late papers will be graded at 50% of the total value of the assignment. 6. Papers will be graded according to the use of proper grammar and spelling. 7. E-mailed papers will not be accepted. Evaluation criteria Cover page – 5 points Annotated bibliography - 20 points Proper Citations – 15 points Use of correct grammar, usage, spelling and accuracy of information etc,.. - 57 points ...
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Pros & Cons of Free Health Care Implementations




Pros & Cons of Free Health Care Implementations
There is a huge public debate in America about whether or not the implementation of a
free health care system is the solution to the broken US healthcare. Both the supporters and
opposes of the system have given evidences of why and why not their takes on the idea is better
than the other. The number of Americans without health Insurance cover in 2013 was at an
alarming 45 million basing on the statistics of the National Coalition on health1. That number
therefore represents 15% of the American population who paid for their own healthcare needs.
The report states that the government had a target of putting 33 million more Americans under
the health care insurance system with aid from the Affordable Care Act. Implementation of a free
healthcare system will ensure that this group of Americans with no insurance policy has the same
access privileges as those that currently do. As much as this may seem to be a good idea what
will that mean to the country in terms of economy and quality of health care? To understand
exactly what the implementation of a free health care system will have on America’s health let us
look at the Pros and Cons of free health care.

Affordability and Availability
The group of Americans that is uninsured millions has the highest concentration in the
lower social classes. Most of these people are unemployed or lack formal employment that can
enable them to pay for an insurance cover. “A CNN report said that approximately 45,000
Americans die every year only because they cannot afford to pay for health care”2. The problem
of affordability is therefore real for this group of people who would rather save money to pay
rent and buy food instead of paying for their own health care. Implementing a free health care

Medalia, J. C. (2015, September 16). Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2014. Retrieved April 07,

2017, from

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