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Here are some things to consider:

  1. Identify a topic in your specialization. (For IT students, Information Technology is not a topic, however, Millennial's perceptions of smart phone technology could be a topic.  For leadership students, leadership or leadership styles would be too broad.  You could, however, compare leader and followers perceptions of leadership styles in private four year institutions. These are examples).  
  2. What is the cited problem? The problem you want to address has to come from the literature, and be cited, who are saying there are problems.
  3. What is the population you would like to address?
  4. What methodology are you planning on using? (If you are unsure, do you plan on a quantitative or qualitative study?  You will determine your methodology in 839).
  5. Locate at least one article related to your topic. What was the research question in the study? Who were the participants in the study? What findings were reported?

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les Graded Upcoming Submitted LAST ACTIVITY Total scription Grading Criteria Week 1 - Journal Reflection on Topic Ideas Saibaba, this is a good start but please update the file so that you can move forward to get your topic approval. Dr. Tolliver You have missed The topic should be 100 words but here 350 words, it needs to be reduced to 100 words to fit in the topic approval form. Cited reasons are missed, which leads to research questions. Start developing research questions No population is defined for the identified topic, and no sample is selected The theoretical background is given and according to the identified problem, but you need to make it more concise and narrow to the identified topic UPCOMING al Reflection on progress and Week 2 individual Consultation 12. Dissertation Summary
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Pandemic Journal; A case study on online lessons during COVID-19 pandemic.

Name of the student;
Institutional Affiliation;
Instructor’s Name;
Course name and Number;
Date of submission;

Pandemic Journal; A case study on online lessons during COVID-19 pandemic.
The unplanned and untimely closure of schools caused by COVID-19 has caused serious
challenges both for educators and students. This led to the adoption and implementation of
online lessons. Educators and learners are scrambling to adapt to the new system and adjust their
materials to suit the new system of learning. Arooj, M., & Sethi, A. (2020).
Finding the best mode of instruction and materials has been a challenge,...

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