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  1. #1 Back to basics to start this course:
      1. Define project.
      2. What are the five project process areas - give a short explanation of each.
      3. What are ten project knowledge areas - give a short explanation of each.
      4. Define Project Risk - list the major processes related to project risk - explain how risk remediation is a [part of every day of pur lives.
      5. What were the variables you were tracking related to quality? How would you define quality in this project?
      6. Why is risk a dynamic variable within a project?
      7. How can a risk be related to a desirable event?
      8. Did you anticipate any risks at the outset? Did the project experience any outside forces that caused a change in either the objectives or the approach to achieving those objectives?
    #2 What is Agile?How is risk handled within an Agile project approach such as Scrum?What are the 10 project knowledge areas?In what ways can the following activities be seen as projects?In what ways do they resemble ongoing, routine business activities?Feel free to add assumptions and details to describe how the activity might be a project in one context and routine in another.
    1. Reading the chapter before attending a university lecture.
    2. Taking the bus to work each day.
    3. Piloting an aircraft between Vancouver and Fiji.
    4. Teaching a course for the first time; teaching the same course every semester.

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Project Management

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Project management
A project is a series of tasks that must be completed to achieve a designated goal. A
project is also any temporary endeavor with a definite start and end as defined by the project
management institute (Radujković & Sjekavica, 2017). Depending on the complexity and
goals, a project can be undertaken by an individual or a group.
The processes are the steps required from the start to the end of a project. The processes
include; Initiating phase processes which are the project charter and stakeholder register. The
primary objective at this stage is determining the project's vision, securing approvals from
stakeholders, and documenting the various goals. The planning phase processes consist of the
effective structure building necessary for achieving the project objectives based on the
predetermined budget and time constraints. Executing phase process where the project
deliverables are produced with most of the budget allocations. Monitoring and controlling

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