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Instruction followed please with proper requirements. Based on the two documents attached.

  • Introduction. Provide a brief overview of the successful company that you have chosen to benchmark for management best practices. Consider including specific examples relating to the fundamental principles of management and the company’s mission and vision statement.
  • Profile of a Successful Company
    • Explain how the company has communicated its mission and vision within the organization. In other words, explain how the company demonstrates the importance of the mission and vision to employees and other stakeholders.
    • Identify the role management played in helping this company execute its strategic management plan. Justify your response. You could consider including a specific example of a time when this management plan led the company to success.
    • Describe how management has helped to positively influence the organizational culture within this company. You could consider using some specific examples, actions, or strategies that show how management has positively influenced organizational culture.
    • Explain management’s pivotal role in the decision-making process within this company. Be sure to include specific decisions made by management based on principles of ethics. You could discuss specific decision-making models used by the company that may have helped the company be successful.
    • Evaluate how the use of the functions of management within this company has adhered to the principles of ethics. You could consider how using the functions of management while adhering to the principles of ethics may have impacted the employees of the company.
    • Explain how this company strategically uses human resources to develop its personnel. You could consider how this use of human resources has enhanced the company’s business processes.
  • Conclusion
    • Summarize how the company utilizes the fundamental principles of management to ensure optimal performance. You could consider the actions taken by this company if optimal performance is not met.
    • Analyze the decision-making strategies of the company for how they consider all the parts of the company as an interrelated system. You could consider how the decision-making strategies of the company align with a system thinking approach.
  • IV.Guidelines for Submission: Final Project One must be three to four pages in length (plus a cover page and references) with double spacing, 12-point Times New
  • V.Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA formatting. Include at least two references cited in APA format.


Meets “Proficient” criteria and includes examples relating to the fundamental principles of management (P-O-L-C) and the company’s mission and vision statement

Successful Company: Mission and Vision

Meets “Proficient” criteria and details chosen demonstrate insight into how the company crafts its communication for differing audiences

Successful Company: Strategic Management Plan

Meets “Proficient” criteria and justification includes an example of a time when this management plan led the company to success

Successful Company: Organizational Culture

Meets “Proficient” criteria and includes specific examples, actions, or strategies that show how management has positively influenced the culture

Successful Company: Decision Making

Meets “Proficient” criteria and details discuss decision-making models that have helped the company be successful

Successful Company: Principles of Ethics

Meets “Proficient” criteria and details include how using the functions of management while adhering to principles of ethics may have impacted the employees of the company

Successful Company: Human Resources

Meets “Proficient” criteria and details show insight into how the strategic use of human resources can lead to a company’s success

Conclusion: Principles of Management

Meets “Proficient” criteria and details include insight into actions taken by the company if optimal performance is not met

Conclusion: Interrelated System

Meets “Proficient” criteria and details include how the decision- making strategies of the company align with a systems thinking approach

Articulation of Response

Submission is free of errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, and organization and is presented in a professional and easy-to-read format

Unformatted Attachment Preview

Running head: INTRODUCTION OF A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY 1 Apple Inc. Apple is an American multi-international technology company headquartered in Cupertino California. Apple over the years has developed and marketed various electronics, computer software, and online services. The company is an innovator of developing the latest and greatest technology. The techniques in developing hardware products year after year have by far made Apple a leader in the market to date. The online service includes the iTunes store and the app store, Apple music, and cloud. Apple consistently follows the vision and mission statement to be a competitor to maintain their dominating position as number one in the market for consumers. Apple vision statement is considerably detailed and reflects their comprehensive approach in ensuring continued growth and success (Rothaermel, 2015). The concept employs best practices by developing an integrated business model for product and design development from beginning to end. As an owner and a die-hard Apple fan, I find they just get better with time. The user interface provides friendly and easy to use devices that in return help improves daily activities. Although the mission has changed with time, it was done to meet the needs of the consumer i.e. applying listen to the voice of customer concept. The primary objective in their line of business is effective management always being enforced. Apple being a publicly held company and assuming responsibility to a shareholder to pay close attention to detail on all legal and ethical lines and to comply with the applicable laws. (Selden, 2013). Apple has a clear understanding that each employee is responsible for his and her action when representing the company. The business manager will always be involved in the decision-making process. Having that in mind that every team will always aim at maximizing profit, a perfect manager will be able to decide on which method to use to achieve this. Every employee will always need to work with the best management, and this might be a motivating factor. Their best practices to follow in the field of INTRODUCTION OF A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY 2 managerial economics and globalization. Can include; avoiding mistakes, planning, general consideration. For the above practices, they might be related in one way or another. Managerial skills are important for the success of any organization. The goal for every organization is to gain success and profit. Running head: PROFILE OF A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY 1 Apple operates a multinational technology corporation based in the United States, the company designs, develops and distributes electronics, computers, and software as well as offer online services. The hardware products from the apple company include the iPod tablet computer, iPhone smartphone, the iPod portable media player, the Mac Personal computer, the Apple TV digital media player and the Apple smart watch. Software developed by the company includes the MacOS operating system, the IOS Operating system, iTunes media player, the and the Safari web browser. The online services that generate additional revenue for Apple include the Apple Store, the iTunes Store, and the iCloud. The Apple Company was founded in 1976 by Steven Wozniak, Steven Jobs, and Ronald Wayne to develop and sell personal computers. The Apple Computer Inc. was incorporated in the year 1977 and afterwards renamed as the Apple Inc. in the year 2007. The Apple Company has communicated its mission and vision statement clearly by redefining the products they offer to the consumer’s time after time. It gives assurance of remaining competitiveness and continues its position in the worldwide market as the innovative leader in technology. The Mission and the vision statement have been changed from time to time to ensure customer satisfaction (Rothaermel, 2015). The company’s strategic management plan does not micromanage the employees. Apple focus is on each employee taking responsibility for their actions. The primary consumer product is the production of smartphones (iPhones) which are in direct competition with Microsoft. The Apple Company develops its staff by offering continued training and development programs for the staff. The ongoing development is made possible through the growth strategy, PROFILE OF A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY 2 business strategy, and the increased franchising outlets the organization sees at a rapid pace. The decision making in the firm in the past was left for Steve Jobs, the former CEO. The current CEO makes the decision for the enterprise. The managerial staff are involved in all the decisionmaking activities. The organizational structure is categorized by business lines, regions and functions. The principle of ethics restored by its CEO, Timothy Cook transpired by publishing the Fair Labor Report in regard the Chinese factory claimed of being unethical. It supports ethics in the workplace. The reinstatement of the principle of ethics managed to afford the company profit increases. By notifying every employee that he or she is responsible for his or her actions within the organization has positively influenced the Apple Company. With doing this, every employee does his or her best in ensuring that the company’s goals are achieved and ensuring that the mission statement is adhered to and vision kept in focus. PROFILE OF A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY References Al-Laham, A., & Huth, S. (2011). The Strategic Repositioning of Apple Inc. Fallstudien Zum International Management, 641-664 Apple surpasses Microsoft as the world most valuable tech company. (2010). Physics Today. 3
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Explanation & Answer


Fundamental Principles- Outline
Thesis statement: Fundamental principles are necessary in building on a company’s
competitive advantage.


Role of management in strategic management of Apple Company
A. Establishment of a good corporate culture
B. Good governance


Principles of ethics for Apple Company
A. Confidentiality
B. Honesty and transparency
C. Integrity
D. Standard work conduct etc.


Human resource management
A. Training
B. Recruitment
C. Promotion
D. Motivation
E. Talent development


Fundamental Principles



Fundamental Principles

Apple is a multinational corporation in the technology industry based in the United
States of America. It is headquartered at Cupertino California in the United States. The
company was incorporated in the year 1977 but renamed as Apple Inc. in the year 2007. It is
a major competitor in the industry and well known for its high quality products and
aggressiveness in innovation and adoption of latest technology. Apple is a designer,
developer, and distributor of software, hardware's, computers and other online services.
Apple hardware products include the Mac personal computer, Apple digital TV, Apple smart
watch, iPhone smartphone, and iPod tablet and iPod media player.
The company's software's includes the IOS operating system, Safari web browser; I
tune media player and the IOS operating system. Online services include the I Cloud, the
Itunes store, and the Apple store. The vision statement of the Company is detailed. Tim
Cook, the CEO of the company, says that the company's purpose is to make great products in

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