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Technology has changed the world
The paper encompasses the analysis of the cultural myth of how technology has
changed the world. Over the past decades, technology has been evolving over time. Unlike
the ancient time when there was less invention in technology, the contemporary society has
registered magnificent improvement in the state of technology. The new invention has made
the world to be a smaller place.
It is now easy to interact and communicate with each other. How things are now
operated has also changed a lot. When compared to ancient times, life seemed difficult and
impossible to live. Now with the new changes, life has become simpler and a much better
place to live. The changes in technology have brought a wide controversy among the people.
The divergence opinions have been contributed by a rise in the level of invention and
innovation in the world.
Technology has changed the world to be a better place to live in
The myth of ‘Technology has changed the world to be a better place to live in’ is
linked to rapid invention and innovation in all sectors of the economy. Unlike in the past
when people use to meet physically and share ideas, the modern societies are in a position to

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interact freely online without meeting physically (Kiesler). The introduction of mobile
phones and internet social network has changed how human being stay connected. The use of
telephone books, letters, mail cards, telegrams, and newspapers is no longer widely in use.
With time, this mode of communication is expected to fade away slowly.
The tradition technology has been replaced by the modern technology. The Wi-Fi
technologies have revolutionized many businesses. Unlike in the past when most of the
business used to rely on human manpower for labor, the modern technology has come up
with the use of robots instead of human beings. There are also systems that are put in place
that can only be controlled by one or two people and all the work gets done. The introduction
of robots has led to a reduction in the use of human resources (Mittal & Agrawal).
The automated systems used by many of the current firms have enabled them to
realize more profits and increase in sale volume. It has also increased the scale of business
operations. Unlike in the past when people used to do shopping physically, the modern
technology has enabled buyers to make their purchases online. In that, at a click of websites,
buyers are in a position to place their orders and find goods delivered at their doorsteps.
A person does not need to travel thousands of miles or long distances to get an item.
They only require their internet and cards and make purchases online (Mittal & Agrawal).
The product is later delivered to them in the exact shape and condition they asked for. The
revolution in shopping technology has minimized expenses among the customers and enables
the companies to satisfy the need of their customers.
In the contemporary society, people use PayPal, Visa cards, and other electronic cards
make payments. In the past, people used to rely on checks and cash as the only means of
making payments. It should be noted that the traditional means of payments was bulky, rigid,
prone to risk, and inaccurate as compared to the modern means of payments (Mittal &

Surname 3
Agrawal). The modern payments methods can be use easily in all parts of the world. The
easier to use of modern means of payments has enable then users to access to the services at a
cheaper cost and with less efforts. The system is also adjustable to changing needs of the
The use of wristwatches, which were common in the past, has been replaced by digital
clocks and mobile phones which have clock displays. The privacy that was more intensified
in the past has been eroded by the emergence of Flickr and Instagram. In the current society,
people can easily share photos and images freely without so much concern about the privacy
(Mittal & Agrawal). Currently, people spend a little time to interact physically as compared
to the past.
The technology has changed the mode of communication which was witnessed in the
past. The introduction of internet has completely changed the business environment.
Currently, firms function easily and quickly as compared to the past. The firms can work
quickly and freely without relying on the intermediaries or paying a large sum of money to
the expensive media (Kiesler). They also do not require many people working for them. This
has helped in reduction of labor costs.
In addition, businesses can easily share equal opportunities in all parts of the world.
Through changes in technology, companies can share information safely and securely
between various departments of the organization located at a different geographical distance.
Furthermore, the innovation and invention have revolutionized the transport and
communication networks. Unlike in the past when people relied on the locomotive trains
which were very slow, people in current society have access to faster trains (Kiesler).
Currently, there has been the development of electric trains, which have faster speeds
as compared to the past. In addition, there has been the development of new airplanes, which
have faster speed and larger carriage capacity. The inventions of new trains and airplanes

Surname 4
have improved mobility of the people across all parts of the world. Due to technology, many
of the media companies have resorted to the internet to undertake their service delivery. In
the past, media houses used to concentrate on print media to disseminate their information,
but with technology, media houses are using social media platforms such as Facebook,
Twitter, and WhatsApp to pass their information (Mittal & Agrawal). Using social media has
enabled companies to deliver information to a wider audience, as well as gain international
The invention of the internet has not only allowed many users to have a wider array of
information, but also allowed them to send and receive information in a matter of seconds
from and to all parts of the world. The internet users have an opportunity to contact and reach
people anywhere in the world without having to travel (Lawlor). Information from all over
the world is now available on the internet. The privilege people are enjoying today was not
there in the past because of the poor network.
The use of the Internet enables one to deliver large information by either using E-mail
or even live communication. Live communication is more enjoyable as compared to other
means of communication. Unlike in the past when people use telephone booths, the
development of mobile phones has changed the means of communication. The mobile phones
have eased the communication among the people (Wright). Currently, people are in a position
to make calls across the world cheaper and reliable as compared to the past.
The introduction of mobile phones has contributed to the introduction of mobile
banking services. With the help of applications installed in many mobile phones, many
activities can be performed on the phone. For instance, online shopping, news alerts, schools,
banks among many others. A person only requires installing these applications on their
phones and they can conduct many operations on the phone.

Surname 5
The invention of mobile phones has improved the level of interaction among the
people. Through a phone call, one can be able to incur their bank statements, download
pictures, read magazines online, send business quotation online, and report on security alerts.
Today, cell phones are part and parcel of our daily activities (Wright). As compared to the
ancient time when people used to communicate using smoke signs, drum beating et al, the
modern society is enjoying easier dissemination of information, faster information delivery,
convenience, effectiveness, and efficient transfer of information.
The penetration of recent invention and innovation in communications technology has
occurred rapidly. The statistics at the end of 2015 indicates that there were more than even
billion mobile phone subscriptions, a penetration rate of approximately 97 percent. The
change in the penetration rate marked a 10 percent increased as compared to 2000 (Mittal &
Agrawal). The statistics further indicate that penetration of internet over the same period has
increased from 7 percent to 43 percent.
On the economic perspective, this has led to the improvement of e-commerce. The
emergence of new technologies has led to a revolution in the health care. Unlike in the past
when the nurse could get injured lifting the patients or moving patients in bed, the
development of the robotic nurse assistant has improved the conditions in the hospitals. The
common robotic nurse includes hybrid assistive limb and robot for interactive body
assistance. The mechanization of operations in the hospital has enabled nurses to assist many
clients at a go. Due to better provision of services in the hospital, infant mortality rate has
significantly gone down.
Apart from the robotic nurse assistant, the health care has shifted from a manual way
of treating retinal degenerative diseases to artificial retinas. In 2015, an estimated 1.1 million
people in the US were considered as legally blind (Montressor). Legally blind are patients
whose central vision has degraded to 20/200 or people who have lost peripheral vision. The

Surname 6
common used artificial retinas are the NR600 implant and the miniature Nano Retina device.
The two devices assist in activating the remaining healthy retinal cells. NR600 implant is
made up a miniature implantable chip and eyeglasses worn by the patient. This new
technology has assist patients to have more sight.
Technology innovations have led to changes in the way of monitoring patients. In the
past, hospitals used to rely on the manual system, but technology has led to the development
of remote patient monitorin...

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