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Need a Powerpoint Presentation for the attached word document, which can be used for Poster Presentation.

The Powerpoint slides that needs to be prepared from the attached document, must have inline citations and references at the end.

The order of the slides from the document should follow the below research :

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  • The thesis, argument, or main idea of your paper
  • Methodology of your research
  • Main points you address in your paper
  • Conclusions
  • The class for which this paper was written and the grade which it received
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VERY IMPORTANT - The country mentioned in the document as "USA" needs to be replaced as "India"

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Running Head: ONLINE SHOPPING A NEW BREAKTHROUGH Online Shopping a New Breakthrough Name University Affiliation Date 1 ONLINE SHOPPING A NEW BREAKTHROUGH 2 Abstract Online shopping for consumers has become one way to make their lives comfortable and get whatever they want at their footstep. These online shopping websites have to know the best interests of people and can look at various items in an accessible and synchronized way. They set a goal on what they want and create the best options available to purchase it. This involves selection, availability, validity and durability. Many factors are taken into consideration to provide the best for the consumers. Through this, it is a breakthrough in the online industry by which it makes the on-ground sales very vulnerable. Therefore, to make all of it work the transactions that are the purchases of these items through a safe payment gateway. E-commerce is booming by all this. Online shopping is significantly affected by various factors like age, gender, family size and income. We developed a questionnaire in where we find out how many people are actually using on ground shopping and online shopping, through this survey we can know which holds the advantage. ONLINE SHOPPING A NEW BREAKTHROUGH 3 Introduction The inception of e-commerce can be traced to more than a decade ago, and it has enjoyed significant evolution since then. Research experts continue to investigate the behavior of consumers while making online purchases so as to form diverse perspectives on the E-attitudes of clients while making online purchases. As a practical tool fostering multilateral trade, E-commerce may be defined as the activity of online business whereby goods and services are exchanged for monetary benefits through a designated mode of online payment (Moshrefjavadi et al., 2012). Business over the Internet has increased rapidly over the years due to the popularity of the use of the web and web resources including the relevant technology like desktop computers, mobile phones, laptops, iPad, and tablets. E-commerce is a productive economic activity, which encompasses several business activities, which include online money transfer mechanisms, management of the supply chain and internet marketing. In the United States of America, e-commerce has immensely gained in popularity, and most people prefer to run their businesses on an online platform where there are fewer regulations and set up procedures are quite lenient. Consequently, there are three divisions of electronic commerce including business to customer, business-to-business to business and consumer-to-consumer. Manufacturers and companies, which develop products, may exchange their products as well as selling the products to customers directly through the Internet for the successful completion of a business transaction over the web. Transactions between consumers can be added via online platforms like eBay and Etsy. Money transfers over the internet may be facilitated through mobile phone subscribers and secure means of banking through the web. ONLINE SHOPPING A NEW BREAKTHROUGH 4 The internet has contributed quite a lot to the way people shop as customers no longer have to wait for the shopping hours, as was the tradition. Moreover, customers also do not have to visit designated locations anymore to make purchases, as this is possible without visiting a particular place. Access to services and goods becomes possible at any time without the constraints of distance or time. As more subscribers join the online community, the internet becomes the new means of communication and transactions on a daily basis, therefore, improving the parameters of online business. It is the responsibility of current managers in the United States of America to tap into the potential of online marketing to find realistic solutions to the challenges of marketing in a dynamic world, which is purely oriented on technology. To them, it can be a very efficient tool for selling their products to many clients without physically approaching them or undergoing the extra cost of product promotion. All items can be bought over the internet thanks to Ecommerce. To understand the behavior of consumers over the web, it is important to ignore the behaviors, which clients exhibit while purchasing products physically. Consumers may be reluctant to buy online if they do not trust the originality and the authenticity of goods because they do not see the actual products first before purchase. For this reason, consumers behave very differently while conducting online purchases than making the routine physical purchase over the counter. However, as more people buy goods over the internet, online business is gaining popularity and clients are beginning to trust the system, therefore, becoming frequent buyers over the web. E-markets exhibit excellent characteristics especially on the behavior of consumers, and if the parameters of online marketing are ignored, then business will be inhibited. ONLINE SHOPPING A NEW BREAKTHROUGH 5 Online business is competitive with every seller quoting original prices while there are concerns over the security of credit cards as a result of hacking. The psychological state of customers in online marketing is quite variable because clients do not trust the whole process of online marketing because passwords, credit cards, and personal information may be hacked. There are also social constraints involved in the course of online business. Research Objectives Which are the primary factors, which cause clients to make their purchases over the internet? What reasons may make buyers hesitate to buy goods online? Literature Review It is possible for a business to obtain more information on how they are faring in the market over the internet. The internet makes it possible for a company to cater to the needs of its customers at a relatively lower cost. Marketing schemes must be implemented both on an online and offline front to be popular amongst consumers. Industries, which conduct online marketing, have to ensure that they utilize their online resources to give ample information about not only the industry itself but also the prices and the products. Internet hosts have significantly increased especially in the USA where technology has vastly advanced. The online business plays a substantial part in the global economy and should continue in the future. Through the internet, buyers can get many sources of product information apart from their product providers or sellers. Consumers use the internet to buy because it accords them more control as well as employing minimum effort in searching for products due to the large amounts of information found on the web. However, online stores must find means to create a ONLINE SHOPPING A NEW BREAKTHROUGH 6 user-friendly online platform, which is inclusive of a friendly interface that allows their customers to quickly access products, product information, and make quick purchase decisions. There are two types of risks in online shopping including product type risk and economic risks (Jiang, Yang, & Jun 2013). Product category risks focus on the perception that the clients have on the product regarding whether the product will work as anticipated. Financial risks focus on the safety of making purchases over the internet because there may be a danger of losing money as a result of hacking. The need for people to buy is influenced by not only the need for the product but also their motive for buying the product for example following an inevitable trend. Individuals may purchase more and indulge in impulse buying in case there are offers over the internet and sales promotion has been conducted adequately. The underlying factors, which affect the decision of consumers to buy a product over the web, are a cultural influence, emotions, psychological factors and privacy. Psychological factors, which affect buyers, are insight, enthusiasm, outlooks and sentiments. Research Methodology Indiscriminate samples may be gathered from a population and used to form groups. Within these groups, several methods like interviews may be used to identify differences in online shopping between different genders, ages, and populations. According to research conducted in the United States of America, it is clear that most people prefer to shop online for their products. Very few individuals in the United States affirm that they have not experienced online shopping. Age is the underlying factor in this as most of these people are the seniors who are less concerned with technology. Internet providers are numerous in the United States with multiple Wi-Fi connections hence people enjoy online ONLINE SHOPPING A NEW BREAKTHROUGH 7 shopping from the comfort of their present locations while also recommending others to do the same. 70% of online buyers in the USA have security concerns while conducting their business over the internet due to the presence of malicious hacker. However, the cases of foul play while doing business over the web are minimal hence; a positive attitude exists despite the fears. The study shows that people in the USA enjoy online marketing due to high incomes and various discounts over the internet stores (Jusoh &Ling, 2012). Fashion and culture are predominant in the United States, therefore, pushing people to make more purchases online where new trends are updated on a regular basis. Conclusion This study was conducted to show how online shopping affects the behavior and attitude of buyers in the USA. Due to reliable internet, online shopping is a business force to reckon with in the United States. Despite this mode of shopping being more popular amongst the younger generation, there is an existence of a very narrow gap between the more youth and the older generation when it comes to online shopping (Wan, Nakayama & Sutcliffe, 2012). The factors, which influence online buyers in the United States, include price, security, time, sales services like deliveries and discounts. Online customers get to save on funds and time, therefore, the increasing popularity of online buying. Shoppers in the United States prefer to conduct business online because of the sheer convenience of online shopping. Security concerns arise in online shopping because there is the risk of losing money or suffering a breach of personal information in online accounts (Luo & Zhang, 2012). ONLINE SHOPPING A NEW BREAKTHROUGH 8 References Moshrefjavadi, M. H., Dolatabadi, H. R., Nourbakhsh, M., Poursaeedi, A., & Asadollahi, A. (2012). An analysis of factors affecting on online shopping behavior of consumers. International Journal of Marketing Studies, 4(5), 81. Luo, J., Ba, S., & Zhang, H. (2012). The effectiveness of online shopping characteristics and well-designed websites on satisfaction. Jusoh, Z. M., & Ling, G. H. (2012). Factors influencing consumers’ attitude towards ecommerce purchases through online shopping. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 2(4), 223-230 Jiang, L., Yang, Z., & Jun, M. (2013). Measuring consumer perceptions of online shopping convenience. Journal of Service Management, 24(2), 191-214. Wan, Y., Nakayama, M., & Sutcliffe, N. (2012). The impact of age and shopping experiences on the classification of search, experience, and credence goods in online shopping. Information Systems and e-Business Management, 10(1), 135-148. ...
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