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Write a program that uses two structures to store the following data:


Ø  id    // student id

Ø  name  // student name

Ø  tests   // a pointer to an array of test scores

Ø  avg    // average test score

Ø  grade  // course grade


Ø  crn    // course registration number, such as 21719

Ø  cid   // course id, such as CIS-022B-01

Ø  noStu  // number of students in the class

Ø  noTests  // number of tests

Ø  stuList  // a pointer to an array of Student structures

The program keeps a list of test scores for a group of students. It reads data from cis22B.txt. It dynamically allocates a course structure and reads the corresponding data from the text file into the structure (crn, cid, noStu, noTests). Then it uses noStu to dynamically allocate an array of Student structures (stuList). Each structure’s tests member should point to a dynamically allocated array that will hold the test scores (noTests)

After the array has been created and loaded, the program calculates the average test score and determines the grade for each student (A: 91-100 , B: 81-90, C: 71-80, D: 61-70, F: 60 or below).

Sort the array in ascending order by student name.

Write to sorted.txt the following: crn, cid, noStu, and a table (header included) containing the student id, the name of the student, the average score and the grade.

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