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LASA 2—Self-Help Evaluation

The self-help movement has swept the world of substance abuse treatment. A new client may not be aware of any treatment options open to them aside from those of self-help group meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous. While self-help groups are not a solution for every client, they have been shown to be useful in some cases.

As future substance abuse counselors, it is important that you explore and be aware of the different self-help groups and what goes on in these group meetings.

Begin this assignment by doing the following:

Attend a self-help group related to substance abuse. There are multiple options including AA Open Meetings, Al-Anon, Women for Sobriety, and so forth. Information is easily accessible on the Internet. Note that some meetings are closed while others are open. At Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), most weekly groups are closed; however, open meetings are held primarily on weekends when all are welcome to attend.

Information for your area can be obtained through “AA Intergroup” at

Introduce yourself and let folks know that you are a student. Remember to follow the guidelines of confidentiality.

If you are unable to access a twelve-step group because one is not available in your area, either research an online self-help group or research the implications of self-help groups in general including their strengths and weaknesses.

Write a paper about your experience and make sure you cover the following:

  1. Evaluate the self-help group you attended and/or researched. Critique the strengths and weaknesses of self-help groups in terms of their value in the treatment of substance abuse.
  2. Hypothesize what types of clients would be a good match for the group that you attended and/or researched. What types of clients would not be a good match? Consider age, gender, culture, race, sexuality, religion/spirituality, and the severity of substance abuse. Include other evaluation criteria for differential treatment. Explain your reasoning.
  3. Predict how self-help groups are evolving over time. How can technology be used to supplement and/or replace face-to-face support groups?
  4. Appraise the effect on the group experience when involuntary clients are present. Include the effect to treatment, counseling, and collaboration.
  5. Recommend several ways to overcome resistance. How may technology be used to overcome resistance to treatment? Include collaboration issues involved in the treatment of involuntary clients using technology.

Write a paper in Word format and make sure you include a title page and reference page in addition to the 6–8-pages of content. Apply APA 6th edition standards to the format of the paper, and the citation of sources.

Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M5_A1.doc.

By Monday, April 10, 2017, deliver your assignment to the M5: Assignment 1 Dropbox.

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (n.d.). Online intergroup. Retrieved from

Grading Criteria and Rubric

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Evaluate the self-help group attended/researched and critique the strengths and weaknesses of self-help groups as a valuable treatment modality.


Hypothesize the types of clients that would match to the group attended/researched. Considered age, gender, culture, race, sexuality, severity of substance abuse, religion/spirituality, and other evaluation criteria for differential treatment. Explain reasoning.


Predict the evolution of self-help groups, including the ways in which technology could support or replace face-to-face groups.


Appraise the effect on the group experience when involuntary clients are present. Include the treatment, counseling, and collaboration.


Recommend several ways to overcome resistance and how technology might be used to this purpose. Include collaboration issues involved in treating involuntary clients.


Presentation Components:
Organization (16)
Style (8)
Usage and Mechanics (16)
APA Elements (24)




Final Answer

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Self-Help Programs
Student’s Name
University Affiliation



Programs that exist for substance abuse treatment are vast. The programs exist to help
those trying to pull out from the habit whether they are doing it voluntarily or involuntarily. Selfhelp programs are the most commonly known to substance abusers. They are popular to the
extent that people do not know of the existence of other solutions in place. As a matter of fact,
there are programs in existence that can be considered even more effective than self-help groups.
The existence of other programs does not necessarily mean that self-help programs are

Luckily the other available treatment options are readily available in most societies. They
come in handy especially in situations where a certain program does not work for specific
patients. Some of the treatment programs in existence include inpatient, outpatient, dual
diagnosis, 12-step treatments, detox and medical assistance (Brande, 2016).The treatments vary,
inpatient treatment is undertaken in a residential environment whereby addicts are denied
freedom to be in an environment that might restart their substance abuse. Outpatients are allowed
to live in their initial environment but are monitored and expected to be committed to the
program. In the case of the 12-step treatment programs, they concentrate more on building
support for addicts communally through initiatives like alcoholics anonymous, narcotics
anonymous and al-anon programs. On the other hand, dual diagnosis treatment and detox
programs entail assisting addicts that also have mental problems and clearing substances in the
body in that order. Undergoing therapy is another solution and this is where self-help groups
come in
As a future substance abuse counselor, my perspective on the current available is that
they are all effective depending on the patient’s needs. Having commitment as a counselor and



being actively involved in a patient's progress matters in ensuring the client remains sober or not.
Most addicts can be assisted through self-help group...


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