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  • Write 500 to 700 word paper succinctly answering the questions to any two questions presented below:
  • Research and include at least two references and cite in your paper using APA format.
  • How will you incorporate Tuckman's Model into the role of a project manager?
  • When a new member joins a current team during the performing stage, how does this affect the team's group dynamics and stage?
  • In 1977, Tuckman added a fifth stage to his group development stages. What is the importance of the "adjourning" stage?
  • How does the Tuckman model integrate with creating a high performance team?
  • How does Tuckman's model compare to Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model? Is one better than the other? Explain.
  • What are some of the ways you can motivate a team? How have you motivated teams or employees?

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Running head: TUCKMAN’S MODEL

Tuckman’s Model
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Running head: TUCKMAN’S MODEL

Tuckman’s model incorporation into the role of a project manager
A new team is often formed anytime there is a project to be completed in every
organization. Some of the participants of the newly formed team might be familiar with each
other due to working on a project together before, but the team is still considered new
because of the few who are strange to each other (Lindner, 1998).
As a project manager, the first step towards conducting a successful project is forming
the team. Here the members of the project team meet each other and get to know their roles.
They will also be expected to note if they are comfortable with working together. At this
stage, the project manager is therefore obligated to define each member’s role and to give
direction for the team. He/she should clearly state the objectives of the project and ensure that
the team members understand their tasks for him/her to be able to lead.
According to Cassidy, (2007), the next step is storming. This stage involves
interpersonal problems among the team members including the team manager such as
conflicts. It is, therefore, significant that the team manager to under...

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