Team assignment 3 PPP slides for MTH 221

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Team assignment need help making It looks like my team wants me to do 3 slides. Does this make sense? 



John's topic is great for the Automatic Routing Programs requirement.  On slide number 3 of John's submission, it states that the "A Algorithm" is  what is chosen my the Army for the UAVs.  If you can look up what the other 3 types of algorithms are and how they differ from the A Algorithm, then that would be great.

This is per the instructor.

Resources: The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) website, the Society of Individual and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) website, and the University Library



Begin working on the Research Presentation, due in Week Five.


Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing existing research efforts in one of the following areas:


·         Computer vision, such as automatic recognition of objects, boundaries, and so on

·         Computational linguistics, such as information extraction, corpus analysis, and so on

·         Automatic proof programs

·         Automated routing programs, such as shipping, circuitry, electric power, and so on

·         Ultra-high-speed or high-precision computation


Note. You may select other topic areas with facilitator approval.  You may not reuse materials prepared for previous courses since this is considered “dovetailing” and is in violation of the university policy on academic honesty.


Include a discussion of concepts discussed in this course, such as the following:


·         Logic and set theory

·         Enumeration

·         Algorithmic concepts

·         Relations and functions

·         Graph theory

·                     Trees

·                     Boolean algebra


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