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Hi! My wife and I are looking to buy a used small SUV cause we now have a new edition to the family and are in need of something bigger than our little rio hatch back. We've been looking at the toyota rav4 1999-2002 and the honda crv 1999-2002. Our budget is $5,500 and the ones we've been looking at so far have been between 220,500 - 285,500kms.

My question is which out of these two have the least re-occurring problems and also the cheapest to maintain. Obviously given the amount of km's your going to expect a little hard ware but if Log books and service history is provided which one of these is better than the other?

Appreciate your feedback and insight.

My Little family.

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Both are great cars and both will give the convience your looking for, however, I have a honda with 200,000 miles and it runs fantastic. I personally would opt in for the Honda as it's reputation perceives itself. Eihter case, I think you will be happy with ither chioce. Good luck

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