Substance Abuse

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Chart for this assignmentThere are many theories behind the different  counseling modalities. Some counselors will adhere to one specific theory,  focusing treatment types to the tenets of that theory. Other counselors will  adopt a more eclectic counseling foundation, drawing key ideas from multiple  theories and combining many treatment types to suit their clients.

For this assignment, create a chart that outlines  the following counseling theories: behavior theory, psychoanalytic theory, cognitive-behavioral  theory, and person centered theory. For each theory, cover the following  aspects:

  • Goals of therapy
  • Types of treatment
  • Theoretical explanation of where  substance use or abuse stems from
  • Characteristics of the client that  would be the best fit for this theory

The chart is attached at the beginning. 

Once your chart is complete, address the  following questions:

  • Describe  the similarities and differences between the different therapeutic theories.
  • According  to you, which approach or combination of approaches best fits you as a future  counselor?

Write a 4–5-page paper (including the chart)  in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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