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Applied Questions

Respond to at least three
of the questions listed below. Your response must be in proper APA format and
include evidence from the text and at least one other scholarly resource to
support your answers. Your response should be no more than five pages in length
(not including title and reference pages).

  1. List some of the educational implications of the views of intelligence
    advanced by Cattell, Sternberg, and Gardner?
  2. Explain why correlation does not prove causation.
  3. Debate the merits and educational implications of the belief that
    intelligence is modifiable.
  4. Using library resources, research the proposition that measured intelligence
    is related to family size, and birth order.
  5. How might lessons be modified to encourage creativity in students?
  6. Distinguish between intellectual disabilities and specific learning
  7. Describe the most important symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
    Disorder (A.D.H.D.).
  8. Describe how multicultural education has been part of your schooling.

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