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Write, as a team, a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper examining the current and future role of regulation and oversight in the field of CAM therapies and how it affects the consumer. Please be sure to use credible references suitable in meeting academic rigor standards.

Note. Your facilitator will assign each Learning Team a therapeutic modality from each of the five NCCAM domains.

Address the following for each of the treatment modalities:

·The current regulations and oversights that exist in the United States

·The organization that provides the oversight

·Potential deficits of the current regulatory oversight

·Potential adverse outcomes that could occur with the current system

·A proposal and rationale for a new or alternative regulatory process

·An analysis of how the new plan would improve consumer protection

·Potential obstacles to implementing the new plan

The two that I have to write about are Meditation and Pilates- 250 words each. discussing the above bullets.

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