Leading organizational change

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Leading Organizational Change

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for the student to integrate and apply the individual and organizational leadership learning from this course by developing a plan for organizational change.

Assignment Steps

Review course assignments for Weeks 1-5, including the results of the Mastering Leadership Self-Assessment taken in Week 1.

Select an organizational change in your company or one you know.

Develop a 1,050-word analysis designing the action plan for you, as a leader, to address the organizational change.

Include the following, in any sequence you choose:

  • Identify the organizational change process steps you would take and prioritize the order in which you would take them.
  • Include both individual and organizational leadership actions.
  • Scholarly citations must be given to support your rationale and proposed actions.

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Leading Organizational Change
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Dynamic Era Solution is a company that deals with package delivery, telecommunication
services, and branding. For many years down the line, we have always done things the analog
way as everything is filed, ending up with tons and tons of paperwork pilling up. This has never
been a concern to the firm, as it has never interfered with how the job is done. The company
was established back in the mid 1900’s meaning there is so much traditional formalities that
have made our competitors get an edge over us. I intend to change that and make drastic but
necessary changes for the good of the firm.
My agenda

Trenching of old staff members and those that are not qualified.

Changing the system from analog to digital.

Ensuring safety first in handling of the parcels and packages.

Reevaluate funds allocation.

Rebranding and marketing of the company.

Empowering the youths to join our programs.

Trenching of old staff members and those that are not qualified
My first move will be vetting the whole staff and keenly separate those that are useful to
the firm to those that are not. I noticed that there has been lots of assumptio...

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