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The Internet is a major source of information and research. Effectively and responsibly using the Internet as a research tool is a critical skill students will need in whatever career they follow. The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize students with information literacy and the use of the Internet as a research tool. Wesleyan University defines information literacy as:

“a crucial skill in the pursuit of knowledge. It involves recognizing when information is needed and being able to efficiently locate, accurately evaluate, effectively use, and clearly communicate information in various formats. It refers to the ability to navigate the rapidly growing information environment, which encompasses an increasing number of information suppliers as well as the amount supplied, and includes bodies of professional literature, popular media, libraries, the Internet, and much more. Increasingly, information is available in unfiltered formats, raising questions about its authenticity, validity, and reliability. This abundance of information is of little help to those who have not learned how to use it effectively.”

("Information Literacy." Information Literacy Defined, Library - Wesleyan University. Accessed January 27, 2017.

Source Material:

How to be a more critical thinker about news, by David Brancaccio:

Assignment Details:

The student will locate a website about one of the following topics:

  • The Four Freedoms
  • History of the Panama Canal
  • 1968
  • The Settlement House Movement

**Do not use sites such as Wikipedia or other "encyclopedia" websites or CPCC library databases (these are digitally accessed print materials, not websites).**

Use the questions below to evaluate the site. Please note the minimum word length and point values for each set of questions. The assignment should be typed using Microsoft Word. If you do not do not have Microsoft Word, CPCC has a large number of open computer labs available for use at various CPCC campuses and libraries which have Microsoft Word. For a complete list go to:

Once you have located the website you will use, answer the questions below:

1. Full Name of Website and URL/ Web Address: 6 points

2. Who is the intended audience for this site? How did you determine this? (75 word minimum): 10 points

3. How could the site’s domain (.edu, .net, .or, .gov.) impact its credibility? (75 word minimum): 10 points

4. Briefly describe the organization, company, agency, etc. who published the site. (75 word minimum): 10 points

5. Does this site have ads or is it ad free? What does this say about its credibility? (75 word minimum): 10 points

6. Describe the site comprehensively. Clearly state any issues or problems with this site. Please address the following four questions. ( This entire section should be at least 300 words): 50 points

a. Provide a brief a brief summary of how the site addresses the topic. The summary SHOULD NOT be an abridged biography or summary of the person or event addressed by the site. The summary SHOULD focused on how the website addresses the topic and SHOULD NOT be about the topic itself.

b. Can you verify the information in another source? (Provide links to 2 other credible websites that have similar information.)

c. Does the point of view appear objective and impartial? (i.e.: Is the information fact, opinion, and/or propaganda? Are there political, ideological, cultural, religious, institutional, or personal biases?)

d. Would you be comfortable using this source for a research paper? (Why or why not, explain.)

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Explanation & Answer

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.


The History of The Panal Canal

The History of The Panal Canal
Question 1
The article's title that will be used to analyze the history of the Panama Canal is "The
Panama Canal as a Determinant of FDI in Panama." The article can be accessed
The article has been selected because it is current. It contains all the relevant data that is
instrumental in conducting research about the origins of the Panama Canal and its impact on
global supply chain management.
Question 2
The article on the expansion and the role of the Panama Canal is intended for academics
and people that would like to conduct more research on the importance of the Panama Canal to
international trade. The author has used figures and data that have been cited from reputable
material. The information provided in the article is not the opinion of the author but rather facts.
For example, it is a fact, as written by the author, that 6% of trade tra...

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