To what extent should the personal liberties of American citizens be curtailed in order to protect

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In this discussion I want you to consider the following:

  • Espionage and Seditions Acts during WWI
  • Internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII
  • McCarthyism and the Red Scare
  • Pentagon Papers


1. To what extent should the personal liberties of American citizens be curtailed in order to protect the nation as a whole?

2. Do you agree with the national security arguments made for each of the above?

3. What lessons were learned from the above and can you see the same arguments playing out today?

Remember that you must provide a clear thesis to your answer and include specific historical details in support of your argument.

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Personal Liberties of American citizens
In the Supreme Court case of Schenck vs. United States, the Supreme Court docket
got here to the selection that one's Constitutional right to free speech could be revoked in
conditions that disturbed the peace. The maximum typical instance of this is the taboo put on
yelling fire in a crowded theatre. This curtail on civil liberties is tolerated as it prevents panic
within society and promotes the continued tranquillity inside society. This same precept may
be used to justify the curtailment of civil liberties because of the risk of terrorism. Since the
9-11 terrorist assaults in 2001, a ramification of strict new measures was taken to prevent
destiny terrorist attacks and to discover home terrorists and terrorists currently living in the
United States. One of the maximum controversial of that measure is the Patriot Act, which
enabled the authorities to research smartphone calls, emails, monetary facts, and different
varieties of character statistics. Many people oppose this act on the precept that it violates
your constitutional right to privacy. But, the regulation which includes the Patriot Act can be
justified due to the very actual danger of terrorism that our country is currently facing. The
threat of terrorism that the USA is going through is real. There are human beings in terrorist
agencies which include Al Qaeda which have their minds set on attacking the Americans
place of origin and killing mass amounts of yank citizens, on the extent of the September 11



There may be a precedent in the America of revoking civil rights for the duration of
instances of war or when American safety is threatened. In the course of the civil battle,
Abraham Lincoln revoked rights of habeas corpus to prosecute alleged accomplice
sympathizers. For the duration of the second international war, jap people had been
positioned in internment camps. Following the WWI, the rights towards unwarranted search
and seizure guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment were usually overlooked under the Palmer
Raids intended to unearth communists. Further,...

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