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Part A: HR Professional Ethics

Discuss three examples of ethical challenges that HR professionals may encounter as they apply to modern organizations. Discuss how you would address each situation (not necessarily the solution, but how you would approach the problem). 

Part B: Emerging HR Trends

Discuss three current or future trends impacting the HR profession.  What opportunities and challenges might these trends present for HR and for the organization? As a human resource professional, what new skills and/or competencies would you need to further develop to adapt to these trends and to continue to be successful in your role? 

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Human Resource Management Discussion


Human Resource Management Discussion
Part A: HR Professional Ethics
Human resource management is critical to the company’s success in resolving workplace
problems. Because HRM is concerned with the administration of people in the workplace, upper
executives must prioritize human resource problems. The main ethical problems that HR
managers must address include concerns about privacy, discrimination, and performance
evaluation. The first issue is regarding the privacy of employees. This privacy relates to the
personal details of a specific employee such as age, health conditions, bank accounts, social
security numbers, and other pertinent information (Scott, 2016). As an HR manager, I would
approach this challenge through the development of a privacy policy in that the department and
the IT personnel would not leak any information a...

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