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Reflection #1: Coronovirus Impact on HR Practices and Policies


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Please spend some time thinking about how the coronavirus impacted and continues to affect HR-related practices and policies throughout the US.

  1. What have you seen in the news?
  2. What have your family or friends experienced from their employers?
  3. What have you experienced personally?
  4. Describe 4-5 of the main issues you see as critically important during this time. Think about the typical responsibility areas of HR departments – how have they had to adjust?

Feel free to look up information on SHRM.org to see how a professional HR organization is communicating with their members and the recommendation this organization makes for HR practitioners. If you cite news articles or websites, please use APA guidelines for doing so.

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Coronavirus Impact on HR Practices and Policies



Coronavirus Impact on HR Practices and Policies
There is no doubt the coronavirus has it the world like a plague. The Covid-19 pandemic
has crippled nearly all business operations, albeit some businesses are currently trying to come
back and find their footing again. Different sectors, including supply and logistics, travel and
tourism, the hotel industry, the global aviation sector, and even human resource management, have
hit the pandemic. It is not uncommon to read and watch on the mainstream media the impacts of
the coronavirus. The Covid-19 pandemic, to a large extent, has disrupted business operations and
mandated the human resources professionals to think differently about their roles as they try and
adjust to new work environments and social distancing protocols.
I have seen different media houses emphasize the devastating implications of the pandemic
on HR practices. From the media, I have witnessed how organizations depend on their human
resource personnel to develop effective human resource strategies that will adapt to...

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